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(still adding to this) Info on the FAQ is added as I get time, and as I see the need for them, as such, they are in no special order or grouping!!  So read the entire list!!  Doing a CTRL-F in Internet explorer will allow you to do a "Find on this page"...

  1. How do I get custom Ring Tones and Graphics (wall papers) on my Phone??
    Verizon and other carriers have disabled some features of the phone that would allow you to do this.. Including purchasing via Get-It-Now, there are 5 ways.  See the bottom 1/2 of the Transflash Page for more information on the other 4 ways. Note: TF card is not necessary for many of the ways.

  2. How do I make my own Ring Tones?
    Well, there are a few ways... First see the File Format page for details on supported files.  Then see my Ring Tone Page for info, links of How To's and samples.

  3. Where can I get FREE MP3 Ring Tones?
    Many sites that sell music have 30 second or less "previews" of songs.  In most cases, these can be saved to your PC and used as Ring Tones.  For examples see my Free Mp3 Ring Tone page. NOTE: I am not sure if this is 100% legal or not, just saying that it can be done...

  4. How do I make my own Wall Papers?
    First see the File Format page for details on supported file formats.  Then see my Quickie How To write-up.

  5. Where can I get FREE Wall Papers?
    A couple of good sites I've found are...    http://motowalls.sillywalker.com/gallery/  as well as Definitive Wallpaper thread and  The *PG-13* Definitive wallpaper thread.

  6. What USB Data Cable should I buy?
    The V710/E815 uses a USB to Moto "P2K Connector" type cable.  For these I always recommend purchasing the MPT kit FORMERLY AVAILABLE from Verizon's web site of V710 Accessories because it comes with a Motorola SKN6311B cable and a legal copy of MPT v3.   Known good cables are...  Motorola SKN6311A, SKN6311B, SKN6311C and AAKN4011A.  I have also been told that the eforcity CMOTV60XDAT5 works. Cingular stores sell a Data Cable for the V400/V600 for $24.99 + tax., it is the SKN6311C without software or drivers. Newegg.com sells a Kit of MPT v4.0 CD bundled with SKN6311 cable for $9.99 plus shipping.  

    If you have a different cable than one of these, there is a good chance you will not be able to connect to the phone to do seem edits!!  There are some cables that work fine for MPT and BitPim that do NOT work for seem edits!!

    The V3C/V3M/Krzr/Maxx Ve/Slvr L7C/Z6tv all Use a "standard" 5-pin USB A to Mini-B cable as used by many digital cameras, PlayStation Portable, portable Mp3 players, portable external hard drives, Blackberries, etc... Local Availability at Radio Shack and Best Buy, Circuit City, Cingular stores and probably others... Note: Walmart is said to have a PSP cable for $5. See also -> Cheapest places to get the RAZR USB cable? Newegg.com sells a Kit of MPT v4.0 CD bundled with Usb-A to Mini-B cable for $9.99 plus shipping.

    The Razr2 V9M and Z6C use a USB A to MicroUSB cable. It is NOT the same as the Mini-B cable that the V3C/K1M/Maxx Ve use. It is NOT the same as 8-Pin Mini-B as found on many digital cameras!! The Moto P/N for the correct cable is SKN6238 or SKN6238A. Moto P/N for Mini-B to MicroUSB adapter is P/N SKN6245 or SKN6245A [PICTURE], another Moto Mini-B to MicroUSB adapter is P/N SKN6252A [PICTURE]. These adapters allow you to make use of current "Mini-B" accessories with the V9M... i.e. it converts the Mini-B plug on your charger or data cable to MicroUSB so you can use it your V9M phone.

    Note: the SKN6252A USB Mini-B to MicroUSB adapter is available from T-Mobile stores for $4.99. Ask for Charging Adapter for Moto Razr2 V8. SKU SUPM93367

    Newegg.com sells a Link Depot 3ft MicroUSB cable for $1.99 plus shipping, or a Link Depot 6ft MicroUSB cable for $2.99 plus shipping.

  7. Are there any USB Data Cables that are known NOT to work?
    When it comes to the V710/E815, Yes, the Future Dial cables, sold mostly at Radio Shack, do NOT work for seem edits.. There are sketchy reports of the Future Dial cables working with MPT after the seem edit had been completed using another cable.  Some say yes, others say no.  Note: BVRP's COMMON QUESTIONS ANSWERED states "In particular, there is a certain variety that really only acts as a serial cable on the phone end with a USB converter on the PC end. These cables *WILL NOT* function in Multimedia Studio as the phone will only enter file transfer mode with a genuine USB connection." so it sounds like Usb-to-Serial cables will NOT fully work with MPT even after you use another cable to do the seem edits.

    The older Moto phones can use Serial Cables, or USB-to-Serial cables. Where as the V710 (and so I assume E815 also) can NOT. The future dial cables are one known USB-to-Serial cable and WONT WORK to do seem edits on the V710/E815!!  Other brands of USB-to-Serial cables will not work either.

    Also there are some "sync-n-charge" cables that draw power directly from the PC's USB port to charge the phone. i.e. no extra power adapter needed. These cables use different pin-outs and can't be used for Seem Edits either! (note: this is not the same as how the Moto SKN6311 series provide charging capabilities)

    I have also received word that the Ositech.com USB14570-MOT2 cable does NOT work for seem edits.  

    For the V3C/V3M/Krzr/Maxx Ve/Slvr , we have seen "bad" usb cables that appear to work, but do not work for everything...  Suggestions of "it just went bad" to "its not a 5-pin cable" have been offered, but no 100% proven reason has been found.

  1. Ok, so how do I get stuff from the Phone to the PC? 
    Again, due to Verizon imposed limits, this is not that "easy." There are a couple of ways, depending on if you want to "HACK" your phone or not.  Without hacking, you can use BitPim and a USB Data cable to manipulate the file system of the phone, and copy the file to the PC.  If its a picture you've taken with the camera, you can copy it to a Transflash card inserted in the phone (verizon has not disabled this function), then use the Transflash card in a memory reader on a PC.   If you do the Seem Edits (aka HACK) you can re-enable the ability to also transfer SOUND files between the Phone's memory and the TF card, or re-enable the ability of using Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) via USB Data cable or Bluetooth (if your PC is Bluetooth equipped.) to transfer files between your Phone and a PC... E815 users who do the MPT seem edit can do BT OBEX file transfers instead of using MPT.

  2. Can I use MPT or BitPim to do seem edits?
    NO, you can not.  You need P2KSeem for V710 and PST or MSU.  Note: if you have an E815 and can get the Suspend Trick listed on NuclearElephant's page to work, you don't need PST, however, many have problems with it, give up, and end up needing PST.  Note: if you have an E815 and can get the Suspend Trick listed on NuclearElephant's page to work, you don't need PST, however, many have problems with it, give up, and end up needing PST.  DO NOT TRY AN DO BOTH... Use one way, or the other... Use EITHER the Suspend Trick, OR PST OR MSU... Do not use Both at the same time. If you have/use PST or MSU, you do not manually suspend the phone.

  3. Can Seem Edits be done via Bluetooth?
     NO.  They can only be done over a compatible USB Data cable. (see cable info above...)

  4. Why don't you have info for how to (fill in the blank) on this site?
    This site contains information about what I have done to my phone.  Unless I've done it myself, I don't feel comfortable putting the info on this web site.  Instead, I've decided to have the Links page with threads that contain this additional information.  If you have a How To that you want added, with good, clear instructions,  send me a PM and I'll add it here, giving you the credit.

  5. Can you add a How To about.... ?
    If you have a How To that you want added, with good, clear instructions,  send me a PM and I'll add it here, giving you the credit.

  6. MPT was working, but now when I launch it, MPT sits there with Initializing in the phone graphic on the PC's screen... Now what?
    First try exiting MPT, powering the phone off, wait about 10 seconds, then turn it back on and try MPT again. If MPT still gets stuck at Initializing, try creating a new profile to use with the phone.

  7. How to I change the graphic on the V710's external LCD?
    This is a very complex and risky process.  Those graphics are embedded in the FLASH itself.  So you have to get a hold of the original flash, hex edit it to make the changes, etc... then flash your phone with it.  Make even the slightest mistake, and you've turned your phone into a paper weight!! Not to mention the other risks of flashing the phone yourself (like garbled audio, etc, that I have listed on my firmware page.)  If you really wish to do this,  see the instructions at Hacking Verizon's V710 site)

  8. My PC/Laptop doesn't have Bluetooth, How should I add it?  What USB Dongle should I get?  You can purchase USB Bluetooth Dongles (also called Adapters). I like my Ambicom BT2000C-USB dongles (see my Equipment page for details).  But when purchasing a USB dongle, try and stick with one that uses the Widcomm drivers.  They are popular and stable. BVRP only claims BT support for Widcomm in MPT, and most Bluetooth Guides on the Net are written based on Widcomm drivers. Bluesoliel drivers are also good, however the process to get Bluesoliel driver based Bluetooth devices working with MPT is different.  If all you want to do is use the Dial-up Networking profile or use MPT via Bluetooth, the basic support for Bluetooth in Windows XP SP2 can also be used with many bluetooth dongles. Again, some procedures will be different than using the Widcomm drivers.  Some Threads of interest with discussions and dongle suggestions... Best Bluetooth Dongle?BT Dongle For PC, which to buy?Bluetooth USB Adaptor help... and  E815 best/cheapest BT dongle.

  9. Does my PC/Laptop Need Bluetooth?
    No, your PC/Laptop does not need Bluetooth.  You only need it, IF you don't want to use the USB cable AFTER you do seem edits.  i.e. you must use the USB Cable to do seem edits, but once they are done, you can use BT for everything else.  NOTE: BitPim does not work via Bluetooth.

  10. Where do I get updated Bluetooth Drivers from?
    If you computer came equipped with Bluetooth, visit your Computer Maker's web site, they will have the drivers you need.  If you purchased a USB Bluetooth Dongle, visit the Dongle Makers web site.

  11. Where can I get Widcomm drivers from? 
    Widcomm drivers come bundled with hardware and can only be obtained from the hardware maker's web site.  They are licensed to the hardware address of the Bluetooth radio and can not be inter-mixed.  i.e. if you have a Belkin dongle that shipped with Widcomm, you can not download and use any other Widcomm package except what Belkin supplied.  For example, you can not download, install and use Widcomm package from TDK's web site with a Belkin dongle.  If you try, you will receive an error and the Widcomm drivers won't work.  Please also see THIS THREAD and the comments on my EQUIPMENT page

  12. What if I don't want to hack my phone, what options do I have?
    Please take a look at my STOCK PHONE page as well as this thread by Maroot6 -> E815 Super Thread (for simple people)

  13. What can Bluetooth on the Phone be used for?  
    Well, I have that summarized on the PHONE BLUETOOTH page. It contains what can be done with and without hacking the phone, and with certain firmware levels.

  14. I am trying to setup MPT using a Bluetooth connection to my phone, but I get "Comm port installation failed."  How do I fix that? 
    You probably have already paired your phone and PC prior to using MPT's Phone Setup Wizard... Visit my How to connect a V710/E815 to MPT via Bluetooth page.  Follow the instructions exactly.  Especially Step 1.

  15. I am trying to transfer files in MPT but get "Communication link has been broken by phone" message.  What can I do to fix this? 
    Please see the USBSER.SYS page for more info/details.

  16. Where do I find the My Bluetooth Places icon? 
    If your PC Is Bluetooth equipped, and uses the Widcomm drivers, then you will have a My Bluetooth Places.  The Widcomm install usually puts one on the Windows Desktop, in My Computer, and on the Start Menu.  If you don't see it, you can also double click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray.   NOTE: If you are NOT using the Widcomm drivers, you will NOT have a My Bluetooth Places Icon.  Note: If you want to get rid of the My Bluetooth Places from your Windows desktop, Microsoft's TweakUI powertoy for XP can be used in WinXP. Windows 2000 users can also obtain TweakUI v1.33

  17. When using MPT or Bluetooth OBEX file transfers, what folder do I put my Ring Tones into on the phone?
    Ring tones should be placed into audio folder. Note: Sounds to be used as Ring Tones MUST reside in the phone's memory.  Sounds stored on a Transflash card can NOT be used as Ring Tones!

  18. When using MPT or Bluetooth OBEX file transfers, what folder do I put my Pictures I want to use as wall papers into on the phone?
    Pictures to be used as wall papers can reside either in the Phone's memory, or on the Transflash card... for either they should be placed in  picture folder.

  19. Can I use Stereo headphones to listen to MP3's on my V710,  E815, LG Chocolate, or LG enV?
    Yes.  You can purchase a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter from various places.  Example: Cingular stores have them for $4.99 for the Moto ROKR. "ORACLE # 64085" on package (and 64085 is the item number on receipt.)... Package states "The ROKR E1 headset adapter adapts your phone so it can use standard 3.5mm music headphones."Cingular also has one on their web site for $9.99 -> http://cingular.scp4me.com/ItemDeta...tClass=HEADSETS its a different Item number.... Not sure why the difference in price, unless maybe the web site builds the shipping cost into their prices?? NOTE: The Radio Shack 2.5mm to 3.5mm STEREO Head Phone Adapter does NOT work. It only plays MONO with Cell Phones!! an excellent illustrated explanation of this can be found in the "Using a regular set of headphones to listen to music in Stereo" section of -> LG8300 Step By Step Beginners Guide w/ screenshots,pics,drawings,links to accessories   

  20. How many devices can be paired with my phone at once? 
    The phone will PAIR with MORE than one device at a time... BUT it only supports one active connection at a time... Example, I can pair with my TWO laptops, my PDA, my BT head set, and my Dock-n-Talk... that makes 5 devices... BUT only one can be connected/used with the phone at a time, so if the phone is connected to the Dock-N-Talk, I can't connect to the phone from my laptop.

  21. When using MPT's MultiMedia Studio feature to add ring tones to my phone, why does the sound quality sound worse on my phone?  
    The MultiMedia Studio feature of MPT contains a few features for getting files onto the phone...  While Melody Studio seems like the logical choice, when saving ring tones to the phone, they get RE-ENCODED to 32kbit/22khz/Mono which means they usually don't sound good.  Instead, use the File Transfer Studio feature as files stay intact as they are transferred.  No Re-Encoding or other processing is done.

  22. Does my Phone Need OBEX File transfers?
    No, after a SEEM EDIT, You can still transfer files with MPT via bluetooth if your phone does not support Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers.   Even for Bluetooth file transfers, MPT does NOT use BT OBEX FT's... it uses "Modem like" commands.

  23. With MPT I can transfer files via Bluetooth, does that mean my phone supports Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers?
    No, MPT does not use Bluetooth OBEX, it uses "modem like commands" to transfer files, that is not the same thing. Phones like the V710 do not support Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers, but can still be made to use MPT via Bluetooth to transfer files to/from them.

  24. Can I transfer files between my phone and another via Bluetooth?
    No. The Verizon firmware does not support the Bluetooth Object Push Profile (aka OPP) necessary to do this.

  25. Why do I get errors with P2KCommander? (Volume Name Failed, and such)
    P2KCommander is for GSM Phones, and while it does "work with" CDMA phones, CDMA phones are just different enough that P2KCommander is not 100% compatible.  So while it "mostly works" you'll get some error messages, and might work 100% as you would expect.  One big differences is you need PST open and running in the background for P2KCommander to connect to your phone.  Also the P2KAUTOSTART feature doesn't work properly with CDMA phones, so you'll want to turn this off (under OPTIONS).  For more details see -> P2KCommander.htm.

  26. Why don't I see all the files/folders when using P2KCommander?
    P2kCommander will not show hidden files/folders, or empty folders.  Additionally, you want to make sure P2KCommander is with Number of files to load as "UNLIMITED"  under the OPTIONS.

  27. Can I use Stereo Head phones with my V3C or V3M?
    Yes you can. For details,  please see -> V3m/V3C  headphone adapter guide 

  28. Can I listen to MP3's via Bluetooth?
    No. You can not. The Verizon V710/E815/V3C/V3M/Krzr K1M phones do not support the required Bluetooth profiles for this.

  29. Can I add Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer abilities to my Verizon V3C?  
    YES.  Flash your phone at home to the LEAKED .04P firmware available from http://www.humpa.com/vzw or http://ryfiles.com/flash.

  30. Can I add Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer abilities to my Verizon V3M?  
    NO.  The Verizon firmware does NOT support this.  And while you can flash to a V3C firmware, doing so will disable/remove support for the Transflash slot, VCast Music, Verizon Music player, MTP Mode Sync with Windows Media Player...  In other words, flash your V3M with V3C firmware, and you've turned your V3M hardware into a V3C phone... UPDATE: (12/9/06) a Verizon V3M Monster Flash HAS BEEN LEAKED!!! So you can revert back to the Stock "out of the box" Verizon firmware.

  31. Can I backup the firmware from my CDMA phone so that I can flash another phone with it? are there Monster Packs available?  
    NO.  In the GSM world, they have the tools which make it possible to backup the flash/flex from a known working phone into a file that can be used to flash another phone...  They even have the ability to add hacks and fixes into that backed up firmware calling it a "Monster Pack."  In the CDMA world, we don't have those same kinds of tools... and those that exist, do NOT currently work to backup the flash into something we can use.

  32. If you can't backup a CDMA phone's flash/firmware... where do these firmwares on the net come from? 
    Currently in the CDMA world, the only way for us to get firmware files, is for a copy to be LEAKED to us..   The "Leaked" firmwares are files that are basically "stolen" by a Motorola or wireless carrier employee, who then posts the file on the internet for us...   So we can't always count on this ever happening, nor can we have any expectations that a particular firmware will actually get leaked, or when it will be leaked. NOTE: recently US Carriers (other than Verizon) are making their firmware updates available via Moto Software Update (aka MSU )... so we've been able to get our hands on a few CDMA UPGRADE Firmware files that way...  
  33. Unfortunately UPGRADE firmwares are just that... Upgrades.. and they are not a FULL firmware/file system flash file.

  34. I have a Verizon V3C or V3M, how do I get rid of those ugly RED Bars?  
    You can't, they are part of the Verizon User Interface (aka VZW "RED" UI).  While using the Verizon firmware, there is no way to eliminate or remove them.

  35. How do I reprogram my "directional arrows" or soft keys on the "Home Screen" of my Verizon V3C or V3M? I can only seem to reprogram the DOWN arrow.     You can't.  Another limit of the VZW "RED" UI, is the in ability to customize those items.

  36. I don't like the Verizon UI on my V3C, V3M, K1M and V9M, how do I get the Motorola one back?  
    The only way to do this is to flash your phone with the firmware from another Wireless Carrier (like Alltel)... which will cost you verizon's support,  potentially void your warranty, and you will have extra work getting the Verizon specific features (messaging, mobile web, vcast, get-it-now, etc) working again... In the case of the V3M, K1M, and V9M, expect to loose VCast Music, the Verizon Music player and MTP Mode Sync with Windows Media Player... NOTE: while you can flash a V3M with V3C firmware, the V3C didn't support the MicroSD slot, Music player features, MPT Sync Mode, etc.. in other words, flash your V3M with V3C firmware, and you've turned your V3M hardware into a V3C phone...

    This process is known as Cross Flashing.

  37. Can I flash my V3M with V3C firmware?  
    While the phone will function, the V3C's firmware does NOT support the Transflash slot, VCast Music, Verizon Music player, MTP Device mode Sync with Windows Media Player, etc... and there is no LEAKED V3M firmware file to flash back!  In other words, flash your V3M with V3C firmware, and you've turned your V3M hardware into a V3C phone... UPDATE: (12/9/06) a Verizon V3M Monster Flash HAS BEEN LEAKED!!! So you can revert back to the Stock "out of the box" Verizon firmware.

  38. Can I transfer files via Bluetooth to my Verizon V3M? 
    Yes. Seem Edit your phone (seem 2742, offset 6A, bit0) and use Motorola Phone Tools (aka MPT)...

  39. I can transfer files via Bluetooth using MPT, so doesn't my phone support Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers?...
    No.  MPT does NOT use the Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer profile.  It uses "modem like commands" to transfer files.  This means you can do "cableless" file transfers, but not Bluetooth OBEX file transfers.

  40. What is the difference between Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers and Bluetooth transfers using MPT?
    See this post -> POST #7 or this old thread that tries to explain this...  see -> Verizon V3C Info: Firmware vs BT OBEX and MPT!!

  41. What is OBEX then? 
    Well, OBEX = Generic Object Exchange... its the profiles that make use of Bluetooth Object Exchange that are important to many.. File Transfer profile (FTP), Object Push profile (OPP), and Sync profile... All parts of BT OBEX... but BT OBEX FTP is what is what MOST in the forums refer to when saying just "OBEX"...  As for what each of these profiles are,  rather than to try and explain it, I'll point you to -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBEX

  42. While using P2KSeem for V710, I see a lot of descriptions of features/functions but when I try and change them, they don't do anything.  Why/Why Not?
    Because the descriptions displayed at the bottom, next to the bits, is based on a text file packaged along with P2KSeem for V710... (FUNCTIONS.CSV).. which can be edited to display anything, for any offset/bit.

    In the original P2KSeem for V710, the Functions.CSV file was based off the GSM 0032 seem, which closely resembles the purpose of the V710's 041A seem, which closely resembles the E815/V3C/V3M/k1m's 2742 seem... HOWEVER many/most of the offset/bit combos do not perform the same functions...

    It is possible you'll find "leftovers" from the 0032 seem descriptions in P2KSeem for V710's functions.CSV which do not apply to our CDMA phones.

    We've even found that while the E815/V3C/V3M/K1M/Maxx Ve all have 2742 seems, and many of the offset/bit combos control common function, not all work on every model... i.e. a particular 2742 seem edit may NOT work or control the same function on each phone that has a 2742 seem.

  43. How do I enable Java on my Verizon, Alltel, MetroPCS, US Cellular or VIVO phone?
    Motorola phones sold by Verizon, Alltel, MetroPCS and Vivo make use of BREW, not Java.  There is no code in their firmware to support Java, Java games or Java apps, etc on these phones, so there is no way to enable Java on them.

  44. But What about these tutorials telling me how to load Java games on my Razr or Krzr?
    Those tutorials are meant for GSM phones (like those sold by T-Mobile and Cingular).  Again, Verizon phones do not support Java.  While there are some CDMA carriers which may sell phones
  45. which use Java (for example Telus and Bell Mobility), the SEEM numbers, etc. are different than what GSM phones use, so you can not use the same process if your CDMA phone does support Java.

  46. While using P2KSeem for V710, I see that offset 43, Bit 0 is for "Menu: Java loader" on/off, and there are a few other offset/bit combo's which mention Java in their description as a look around.  Doesn't that mean my phone supports Java?
    No. Please See Item # 41 above.

  47. So how do I add games/apps to my Verizon, Alltel, MetroPCS, US Cellular or Vivo phone?
    See also the GAMES page...   But in short..     Brew apps/games are locked a the particular hand set via digital signatures, so you can't back them up from one phone, and load them onto another.  No one has successfully "cracked" brew 2.x and higher used on current phones,  which means, if your wireless carrier uses BREW, then currently the only way to get games and applications onto your phone is to purchase them from your wireless carrier. In the case of Verizon, this means using Get-It-Now.  For Alltel it would be Axcess Shop.

  48. I've seen talk about MONSTER Flashes and UPGRADE Flashes, what is the difference?
    Monster Flash files will completely erase and re-write your phone's firmware and file system, removing all traces of the previously installed firmware. It will revert your phone to a "fresh out of the box" state. Use an Alltel Monster Flash on a Verizon phone, and you've turned your phone into the same thing as a phone "Fresh out of the box" from Alltel.

    UPGRADE Flash Files leave the current file system in place, and put the upgraded files onto the phone. In many cases this results in "hybrid" firmwares, or "left over files" still on the phone. Upgrade Flash files will not revert you to a "fresh out of the box" state.

    If you are trying to recover from a catastrophic failure, you'll want to use a Monster Flash File if one is available.

  49. Can I use Non-Verizon firmware on my Verizon phone?
    Yes, and no. This is known as Cross Flashing, and it has its goods and bads. I suggest you take a few moments and read -> CROSS FLASHING to get a better understanding.

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