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My preliminary LG VX-8500 aka Chocolate info...

This info was written based on my having the VX-8500 (Chocolate) with T85VZV03 firmware, and Verizon Media Essentials Kit.

These are in NO SPECIAL ORDER.. just added as time permitted...  Please know the ordering is subject to change at any time!!

If you have other info you want included.. please request it in -> http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=983731

Additional info can be found in -> The official CHOCOLATE OWNER thread – tips and discussions   thanks GTIMKV!!

Another EXCELENT RESOURCE of what can be done see -> LG8300 Step By Step Beginners Guide w/ screenshots,pics,drawings,links to accessories  most/all of that information also applies to the LG Chocolate and LG enV.

1. Where do I get a data cable?  So far, the Verizon Music Essentials Kit (MEK) looks to be the only way...  There are a few after market cables now making their way to eBay...

1a. Where do I get Windows drivers?  on the CD with the Verizon MEK, or see the link on Humpa's page

1b.  Do I need a data cable?  For sync with Windows Media Player, yes.  For use with BitPim, if your PC is bluetooth equipped, then no.

2. LG VX-8500 Chocolate: Installing the drivers and usb cable from the Media Essentials Kit, and using Windows Media Player to Sync.

3. Bluetooth Profiles Supported... see the PHONE BLUETOOTH page.

4. Configuring BitPim via USB Cable...   For a VERY GOOD GUIDE see -> Howto for ringtones and wallpapers on Chocolate (vx8500) pics included.   It also includes where in the file system to manually place pictures and ring tones. NOTE: BitPim 9.07 natively supports the Chocolate, so you can use BitPim's GUI to add pictures, ringtones, etc.

5. Configuring BitPim via Widcomm Bluetooth drivers.  (Sorry, I don't use Bluesoliel drivers, or the native Bluetooth drivers Built into WinXP SP2)..

6. Using Bitpim to backup the Chocolate's file system (including NVM and other protected files/folders)..  see -> VX8500: Accessing NVM directory and LC subdirectory (mini guide)

7. EVDO Dun hack... This process works on the chocolate too -> How to enable EVDO DUN on ANY EVDO capable phone in 10 easy steps!   NOTE: To "legally" tether with an EVDO phone to Verizon's High Speed Data networks (1xRTT or EVDO), you are supposed to subscribe to a $60 per month data plan from Verizon. BUT it might be better to keep that Discussion/debate on this over in -> EVDO Tethering (Discuss in this Thread Only!)

8. Using Humpa's MMS server instead of the Verizon PixPlace server...

9. How to disable EVDO...  This can help with battery life if your phone constantly switches between 1x and EVDO because you are on the "edge of coverage" BUT you can't use vCast, and your Get-it-Now, MMS Messaging, WAP, and other data services will be slower ->  From the phone's menu, press 0, for Service Code enter 000000.  Network Select -> Mode Preference -> 1x Only.  Use the "Clear Key" to back out of the menu's, one level at a time.

10.  Free WAP... (air time charges still apply)... see -> Tutorial: Free WAP on Chocolate. NOTE: the proxy server suggested now charges, but I have been able to follow the steps and point it to my own HoTTProxy server.

11.  Wall paper resolution...  both 240x275 and 280x320 work well

12.  How to email Ringtones to your phone.  Should work for pictures too.

13.  What Audio Formats does the Chocolate support?  WMA, Mp3 only... Definitely no AAC support, no comment on OOGs yet... Midi can be used for ring tones. It appears that Yamaha SMAF formatted sounds are also supported as ALL of the files I have on my Ring Tones page work just fine on my Chocolate.

14. Bluetooth handsfree/headsets that work with the VX-8500/Chocolate?
Debate/discussion continues in -> Right Bluetooth for Chocolate but many current Bluetooth headsets work well with the chocolate. I've used my Moto HS-820 and my Nokia BH-200 without problems.

15. VX8500 DLL for LGDownload see -> VX8500 V03 bin and DLL  This link includes the DLL needed to support the VX8500 in LGDownload.  It also contains the T85VZV03 Firmware in .BIN format that can be flashed to your phone using LGDownload.   note: LGDownload is copyright software, as such, I don't have a link for it. if you want it, its up to you to obtain it.

16. Caller ID Picture size...  On an incoming call, setting the contrast of the screen "just right" you can see a box where the caller ID picture will be displayed.  This "box" appears to be a FIXED SIZE no matter what size picture you use.   I found that using a 176x160 picture fills this box completely.   BUT to me, its still to small to be useful.

17. Chocolate Problems I've encountered...  A collection of Posts I've made in the Verizon Wireless Customer Council forums detailing the issues, problems, quirks, etc that I've encountered with my Chocolate while I used it for a few weeks.

18. Editing the ERI.BIN file...  to remove or change the VERIZON WIRELESS from the phone's screen.