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How to Make Wall Papers

This is how I make the wall papers for my phone....

I just use an old version of Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Its version 5.

How I do it... in paint shop pro ...

File -> New... for dimensions.. I enter 220 high, 176 wide., and 72 pixels/inch. I let it stay at 16.7 colors and click OK. That gives me a blank graphic the exact FULL size of the V710's screen. I leave that open (paint shop pro treats each graphic as its own window in PSP).

Next, I do a File -> Open.. and open the graphic I want. It opens as a 2nd image inside PSP. From the Pull Down menus, I use the Image pull down and select Resize. From the next window, what I do depends on if I want to keep the same dimensions of the original picture or not... If I want same dimensions, I check the box for "maintain aspect ratio" and figure what gives me a better fit... entering either 200 high, or 176 wide. If I don't care about "stretching" I remove the check for "maintain aspect ratio" and enter 200 high and 176 wide.
Then click OK.

With the resized image as the default window in PSP, I use the Edit pull down and select COPY.

I click on the window with the "blank" 176x220 image I first created earlier and use the Edit pull down menu and select PASTE AS NEW SELECTION. I use the mouse to place the image and click to "de-float" it.

When ready, I do a File -> Save As... pick Jpeg, give it a name, and save it.

For samples... see My Graphics Page