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NOTE: I update this page and add new info when time permits... I do not always update this page with a complete list of changes, corrections, etc. unless its MAJOR.

4/21/05....  I am adding information to this page as time permits...  I will probably have to re-organize as I go...
5/22/05.... I've added some more stuff. If you don't see it, refresh your browser
5/31/05...  Added Express network using Pocket PC via Bluetooth
               Bluetooth trouble shooting info.. started HERE
6/1/05...  Added Alternate way to pair and use MPT via Bluetooth
6/2/05...  Added some Basic BitPim information
6/28/05... Added info on Mobile Phone Tools Kit vs Verizon Mobile Office Kit
6/29/05... Added some links to the Graphics and Ringer pages with info on making your own.
7/3/05...  Added pictures to the EN using PPC via bluetooth page.
7/14/05... Moving to new server space provided by V710.org!!
7/31/05... New "frames" layout put in place...
8/4/05....  Corrections made to the MPT pages...
               "under construction" banners removed
10/6/05...  redid the USBSER.SYS page to reflect info on the DRIVERTOOL.ZIP released by BVRP.
11/27/05...  Added more to the FAQ
12/12/05...  Added preliminary V3C Razr info page

8/1/06...   Re-Did the BitPim page to deal with the newer BitPim v9 native support.

10/8/06...  Re-did the LAYOUT!!  thanks to help from Humpa, NO MORE FRAMES!!!!
               added Google Ads as a way to help CDMAFORUMS.COM pay for hosting these pages NOTE: I was NOT ASKED to do this, I did it to say THANK YOU  to Jim for hosting them all this time!!

11/26/06...  Added pre-edited Phone ID strings for E815m, V3Cm, V3Mm, K1Mm to the Popular Seem Edig page, and the Seem edit page.    
                Added blurb to KRZR K1M page stating that most of the V3M info is reported to work.    
                Added KRZR K1M info to the MPT page.