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V3C/V3M Info

This is my preliminary V3C information page...   Changes to this will be coming, these are just "the basics" right now to get started... Sorry, this is all I have time for at the moment...  More details/walk throughs to come later..

NOTE: For the V3M I am SLOWLY integrating the information into my pages... Most of the V3C information applies as-is with the major exception of FIRMWARE... There are a few slight variations from the V3C...  so for preliminary info and discussions please see -> V3M info to be added to http://mark.cdmaforums.com... Suggestions wanted!!

While originally written for the Moto V710, and later updated to support the E815...    I have received confirmation from V3C users that the following information pages still apply to the Razr V3C/V3M with notes as follows........

Stock Phone 1, File formats supported, PC Software2, USBSER.SYS info, Seem Edit Process3, MPT info4, Transflash6, Ringers, Graphics, Express Network5, BitPim, and PC Bluetooth  pages all apply to ALL the V710, E815, V3C, V3M with some minor notes.

1.The V3C does not have a Transflash (aka TF or Micro-SD) slot.  So any/all references to TF do NOT apply to the V3C. Seem Edits ARE REQUIRED on certain V3C firmware levels and the V3M to have full functionality with MPT. As for the reference to Dial-up Networking, please see note #5 on this page.
.The drivers for the V3C/V3M may need to be obtained separately as they do not come with earlier versions of MPT or PST. A live update to MPT v4.04b or higher will bring down the driver for the V3C to be seen as Moto USB Modem in Windows, MPT V4.21a or higher is needed for the V3M, and v4.36 is needed for the Krzr K1M but I suggest you use BVRP's Drivertool instead, however drivers for PST  will still be needed. I have them on my PC Software page as well as below.
3.While the seem edit process is the same, the seem file is a different number and I have noted that on the seem edit page.  Some of the "popular Seem Edits".  ALSO the V3C/V3M uses a different USB Data Cable.  Please see the FAQ or the info below for USB Data selection for the V3C/V3M.
4. Out of the box, the Razr V3C may or may not require Seem Edits to use the multimedia features of MPT. See the V3C FIRMWARE NOTES for more info. You can work with Calendar/contacts via USB Cable and Bluetooth no matter which firmware you have. HOWEVER MPT Must Be at version 4.04b to recognize and use the V3C, 4.21a for the V3M, and 4.36 for the Krzr K1M.  And according to BVRP (who make MPT), there is a Firmware BUG in the V3C Calendar so use that function at your own risk!!! NOTE: this bug was fixed in the V3C's .04 firmware and is not a problem in the V3M or Krzr K1M.
5. Due to Verizon's TOS forbidding tethering with EVDO phones (i.e. using the phone as a Modem to connect to their high speed data networks) you must implement workarounds to disable the phone's EVDO feature forcing it to 1xRtt before Express Network works.  I have more info below.
6The V3C does not have a Transflash card slot, but any of the "4 ways" to get ringers and graphics onto to the phone listed at the bottom 1/2 of the transflash page that do NOT require a TF card can still be used... EXCEPT seem edits are needed depending on the phone's Firmware Level.

I have a Verizon Razr, How do I know if I have a V3C or V3M?
Well, there are a couple of ways....
1. Take the battery out, and look at the label with barcodes in the Phone's battery compartment, it should say which model it is.
2.  Does your phone have a slot in the battery compartment for a Transflash or MicroSD card?  If yes, you have a V3M, if no, you have a V3C.
3.  Check which firmware is on your phone, use each of the firmware links below and match it up.

IMPORTANT!!!  ->  V3C Firmware Notes.    <- This link contains info on the various V3C firmware/software levels available and what features are available on each!! READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER!!!!!

V3M Firmware Notes

I do not have a V3C or V3M, so for some of the V3C/V3M specific hacks I just have links to threads.

For the most up to date info, please consult the HOW TO's page...

When it comes to Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers or Bluetooth File Transfers using MPT on the Verizon Motorola V3C...  It depends on the phone's Firmware.  Please read the V3C FIRMWARE Notes page, the Phone Bluetooth page, and/or the MPT page for more information.

The Verizon V3C/V3M phones do not support Bluetooth Object Push (aka OPP).  So this means, you can not do phone to phone transfers... this is because the Moto Phones Verizon sells do NOT support the bluetooth profiles/protocols needed for phone to phone transfer.

(added to FAQ) USB Data cable. See the FAQ.

(added to PC Software) USB Driver for Windows.  See the HOW TO page

(added to PC Software) Driver for PST...  See the PC Software page

(added to PC Software & SEEM EDIT)PST v7.23 appears to be "more compatible" with the E815/V3C.  While PST v7.1.1 works for a lot of users, some users have had issues when using PST v7.11 where P2KSeem will say connected, but not READ the seem file from the phone. It also may not save the seem properly to the phone.  Apparently this does not happen with v7.23.  So if you can get PST v7.23, please do!!

(added to MPT) BVRP, the makers of Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) have mentioned a bug in the Firmware of the Verizon V3C Razr when it comes to the calendar... As such, they have disabled calendar support for the V3C in their software.  When it comes to MPT and the Calendar functions with the V3C, Use at your own risk!!  NOTE: This bug has been fixed in the V3C GATW_01.0F.04 firmware, and does not exist in the V3M firmware.

(added to MPT) Purchasing MPT (Mobile Phone Tools) -> info and discount codes have been added to my MPT page and are also posted at -> http://www.howardforums.com/showpost.php?p=6348765&postcount=4

(added to MPT) Installing/configuring MPT (Mobile Phone Tools) with USB cable My previous instructions of  How to connect a V710/E815/V3C to MPT v4.x via USB Data Cable (and enable Multimedia Studio) have been updated to include V3C/V3M info, and now can be used. Notes on V3C are included in-line.... Note: SEEM EDIT may be required for MultiMedia Studio to work.

(added to MPT) Installing/configuring MPT via Bluetooth My previous instructions of  How to connect a V710/E815/V3C to MPT v4.x via Bluetooth has been updated to include V3C/V3M info, and now can be used.  Notes on V3C are included in-line...   Note: V3C/V3m may require a SEEM EDIT for MultiMedia Studio to work.

(already on RING TONE)Making custom ringtones... The same information I have on my RINGTONE page still applies to the V3C/V3M.

Making custom pictures/wall paper...  The same information I have on my Graphics page still applies to the V3C/V3M. However, while the V3C/V3m's screen size is still 176x220, the area taken up by soft menu keys, banners, Verizon UI, etc.. results in a different portion of the graphic being visible.

( added to Phone Bluetooth page) Using Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers to copy files to/from the phone... No version of Verizon's V3M firmware supports this.   For V3C phones with Verizon's GATW_01.0F.02 firmware this works out of the box with NO SEEM EDITS NEEDED and allows you to by-pass using MPT and Get-it-Now to add ringtones/pictures to your phone..  instructions/walk through of how is still to come...  For now, if your PC's bluetooth device uses the Widcomm drivers, double click on the My Bluetooth Places icon, and consult your Bluetooth device's documentation.  For phones with Verizon's GATW_01.0F.03 firmware or  GATW_01.0F.04 upgraded by the store...  this does NOT work.  The .03/.04 firmware does NOT support OBEX File Transfers, and a seem edit can NOT fix this.  For Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer support, your phone must have the GATW_01.0F.02 firmware, or the LEAKED GATW_01.0F.04 that you flashed at home.

(already on BitPim page) Info on setting up BitPim... the same as the BitPim info I already have for the V710/E815... so use the Navigation link on the left for BITPIM

( added to Express Network) Getting DUN to work... See also the HOW TO page

Free WAP -> See the HOW TO page

Instructions on how to edit the Homepage and setup free WAP.  Written by Phreakish   for V3C users, this should also apply to V710 and E815...

Enable Vibrate Then Ring...  see Verizon V3C Vibrate THEN Ring SOLVED!!!! It is a Seem Edit to  Seem 2742, Record 1,  Bytes (h)  90 (note: in this case 7A is not high enough, you must use 90), find Offset 7B, turn bit 3 off, bit 4 on.

What Bluetooth dongle to get for your PC  see the FAQ as that info still applies.

RAZR V3c - Mac Thread (iSync, DUN, BT, etc..)  info for you MAC users :) Sorry, I don't have a MAC and I have NOT read this thread.