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There have been many questions asked about Mobile Phone Tools vs Verizon's Mobile Office Kit so...

Note: Mobile Phone Tools (aka MPT) is not the same as Verizon's Mobile Office Kit, which is NOT the same as Verizon's Music Essentials kit.

Mobile Phone Tools aka MPT (or visit the BVRP Software page for details/info) seems to be the most popular package.  It can sync contacts and calendar with Outlook, outlook express, Lotus Notes, and its own built in calendar/contacts apps.  It can even work with Ringers, graphics and videos copying them between the Phone and PC (multimedia studio feature).  However, despite all of the features MPT lists, with a STOCK Verizon phone, all you can do is work with the contacts and calendar. The Multimedia Studio feature does not work, nor will the option show when using a STOCK Verizon phone. You can do "hacks" or Seem Edits to re-enable these features. Btw, I have some additional info about purchasing and using MPT to its full potential on my MPT page.

Verizon’s Mobile Office Kit (MOK) consists of a Motorola USB Data Cable (The V710/E815 kit comes with Moto AAKN4011A which does not have charger port), drivers, and SmithMicro’s QuickLink Mobile Phone Book software. While it can import and export Outlook data files and .CSV files, it can not interface directly with Outlook, so there is no option to sync. It is only good for working with the phonebook. Not calendar. Not sounds/graphics/videos.  Each phone needs its own version, as the Quicklink software will not update itself to support newer phones.

Verizon's Music Essentials Kit (MEK) which can be purchased from Verizon stores or their web site for around $30,  includes Verizon Branded WMP10, an older version of the USB Drivers available from the MotoDEV web site, USB Cable, and wired Stereo Headset. 

Verizon's Music Essentials Manager (MEM) This free download includes everything on the CD that comes with the Verizon Music Essentials Kit you would purchase, PLUS vCast Music Essentials Manager (MEM) software (by Smith Micro).  MEM makes it a little easier to sync music with the phone, rather than using just Windows Media Player alone.

That being said, If you need a data cable and software, I suggest you purchase the MPT kit as it can do more than Verizon's MOK, and you can download the MEK software from the MEM web site.

IF you want to just work with ringers and graphics on the V710, E815 and V3C,  there is also Bitpim... Its free. For Bitpim to connect to your phone, you need drivers for your data cable installed. BitPim allows you to replace/overwrite files or delete them, but not add to them to a STOCK Verizon Phone. It can be used to replace the "welcome" graphic or startup sound on your phone. You can save files from the phone to the PC (like voice memo's or ringers/graphics). You can overwrite files on the phone with those stored on your PC. For how I got it working see the notes on my Bitpim page