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!! This page is still under re-Construction !!

Motorola Moto X How To page

The Following work for all models of the Motorola X, however please see Unlocked or Locked Bootloader, why does it matter?

  1. Installing ADB, Android Platform Tools, and Moto Fastboot
  2. Booting the X into Bootloader/Fastboot mode
  3. Downgrading the ROM or bootloader - What is possible, what doesn't work, and why you might want to downgrade.
  4. Unlocking your Motorola X Bootloader FAQ - How to unlock the bootloader on the Motorola X. It contains tips and information on obtaining a bootloader unlock code for your Moto X. It applies to Developer Editions, those which Moto gives out unlock codes, as well as those who have ATT and Verizon device who need a 3rd party option to unlock the bootloader.
  5. Taking an OTA on the Motorola X. - tips and information on getting your device ready to take an OTA update.
  6. Returning to Stock - Various processes to return your Moto X to stock state. Helpful when preparing to take an OTA, or just trying to undo hacks and modifications to your phone.
  7. Rooting with an UNlocked bootloader - This thread on XDA has the instructions and links to the latest files.
  8. Rooting with a LOCKED bootloader - This page explains the options for rooting on the Moto X with a LOCKED bootloader.
  9. Replacing the BootLogo graphic - For Locked and Unlocked bootloaders. This will tell you how to replace the initial Motorola boot logo or "unlocked bootloader" warning message.
  10. Booting into STOCK Recovery - This will walk you through booting and entering into Stock Recovery.
  11. How to Side Load and OTA - This will walk you through the process of manually installing an OTA ZIP file you've downloaded from your SDCard.
  12. Collection of Motorola Boot Services APK logos and animations (for unlocked bootloaders) - This thread contains the Stock, Fall, Winter, Spring, World Cup, and April Fools boot animiations and logo.bin which the Moto Boot Services APK pushed out the 2013 X seasonally for the first year after its release.
  13. How to flash alternate recovery from your phone (not using Fastboot & PC) - Steps to use RASHR app on your ROOTED & Unlocked Bootloader phone to flash recovery, rather than having to use mFastboot/Fastboot on your PC.


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