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Verizon Motorola Maxx Ve

The Motorola Maxx Ve is more tied to the Verizon UI. As such, there are some differences in how it works compared to the other Motorola phones. Example, folders used for RingTones and Pictures are different than Moto UI phones (like the E815 and Alltel firmwares), and even different than where they are put on the Verizon V3C/V3M.

Below is a preliminary collection of notes/hacks specific to the Maxx Ve... As time permits I will be adding these to the HOW TO's and writing proper guides over the next few weeks (I'll mark them as DONE when I've completed that). Until then, see the inline ITALICS for the additional notes...

This information was collected by kbman, and myself because of  wnrussell generously providing us with the phone!! With additional contributions from luiset83, ThatsMr.Dude2u and more... This is truly a GROUP effort!!

As you can guess from this list... I wont be adding it all at once.. and it will probably take some time.. I appreciate your patience.

Over the next few weeks, I'm looking at the following write ups, additions, or corrections for my pages based on the Maxx Ve....

1. - DONE - USB drivers and WMP sync...  -> http://mark.cdmaforums.com/1-USBDriver.htm ...

2. BT Obex File Transfers of RingTones, Pictures, Videos... Need to re-confirm how folders show on the PC as I've lost my notes. BUT IIRC the same 10888, 10890 and MY_RINGERS show and are used. There are additional folders that show, but are not used... and I have/use WIDCOMM drivers, so any write up will be Widcomm specific...

- confirmed: When looking via My Bluetooth Places -> OBEX File Transfer on Maxx... you get 10 folders. The ones we will use are 10888 (for Pictures/Wall Papers), 10890 (for videos/movies), my_ringers (for ring tones), 18067 (for my_sounds), and MMC Removable (for access to the MicroSD card). 

- confirmed: To add ring tones, you MUST rename your General Midi, MP3, MMF or iMelody files to .QCP before transfering to the phone's my_ringers folder. Failure to do so will result in a "Server Doesn't Support..." type error message.

- confirmed: As in the past, Ring Tones must exist in the phone's memory.

- confirmed: When accessing MMC (Removable), you'll have full access to the MicroSD card, and all folders it contains... you can copy ANY files to/from the card.  However, as in the past, Ring Tones must exist in the phone's memory.   my_flix, my_pix, my_music will be the most commonly used folders.  And you can drop Mp3's into  MMC -> my_music  and the phone's music player will see/play them.

- confirmed: OBEX File Transfers appear to allow dropping additional file types on the MicroSD card, so you can make use of it as pseudo "USB Memory key"

3. - Partially DONE - MPT setup and use with the Maxx VE via USB.. -> http://mark.cdmaforums.com/Maxx_MPT_Cable.htm

- Still to come..

- fix the write up to apply to MPT via Bluetooth with the Maxx Ve.

- I need a little better understanding of how MPT backsup/restores the phone book/calendars as did not do it the same as with my E815 and alltel flashed V3C.. I'm going to have to grab a co-worker's VZW flashed V3M and see if thats just due to the VZW UI...

4. Change graphic used on Outside LCD when flip is open... based on -> http://www.howardforums.com/showpost.php?p=9127644&postcount=88

- just like the V3C/V3M/K1M except for the resolution...  Use either P2KCommander or the FileSystem tab in BitPim to OVERWRITE the /mobile/verizon.gif with a 120x160 gif (the original is 96dpi, 8bit, Gif89a).. NOTE: DO NOT DELETE the verizon.gif!!

5. Create/switch web sessions, and the needed seem edit based on -> http://www.howardforums.com/showpost.php?p=9139196&postcount=139

5a.   ##browser allows you to switch web sessions but is not useful for edting due to limited options available in the menu.

6. Verify the verison of MSU needed to get the phone into the mode for P2KSeem and P2KCommander (do you don't need to find PST)... I think its safe to say C01.08.08, as that is currently the latest.

- confirmed: C01.08.08 does work fine for the Maxx Ve.

- We have not tested it with older versions, but MSU will always auto update itself as a newer version becomes available, so everyone should be a the latest level.

7. - DONE - Change my BitPim write up to mention the MAXX isn't natively supported, so there is No GUI support, and only limited File System support due to BREW limits.   MicroSD card is also shown as MMC1, and you can copy files to/from it. I need to clean my Bitpim page up a bit, and add the proper locations for files on the Maxx.

8. - DONE - Verify DUN works after correcting tethered NAI field such as -> http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1018585

- notes added to http://mark.cdmaforums.com/DUN.htm  and note that http://mark.cdmaforums.com/NoPapDun.htm  is NOT needed for Maxx Ve users.

9. Speaker phone Time Out fix...  luiset83's post of seem 275a offset AE, 20 sec timeout - 01 (bit 0 checked), always on - 00 (bit 0 unchecked) for Speaker phone, as apparently that menu option is not on the phone.

10. - DONE & notes added - Verify accuracy of folders for Pictures, Videos Ring tones as listed on -> http://mark.cdmaforums.com/P2KC-Tones.htm

11. I Need to verify file types that can be transfered to the phone... only MP3's renamed to .QCP can be added via BT OBEX file transfer... What about General Midi, and iMelody files via BT OBEX? Does this limit also exist when using MPT or P2KCommander instead?

- Confirmed for BT OBEX File Transfer in item #2 above. 
- For MPT, see item #3.
- For P2KCommander se Item # 10.

12. I want to ask luiset83 if he wants to/can do a write up about modifying the Funlights.pat

- He said ok, but only after he gets it working the way he wants.

13. Need a guide for KBMan's doing the 284d wap_elem_d edit...  "All 17 menu choices are now available and all the added features work.  1F A0 FE BF 0F F5 7F EE F1 97 is the string for full functions. These values need to be edited to the first line of that seem and uploaded to the phone."

- It is just a seem edit to seem 284D, overwrite the HEX area in P2KSeem starting at offset 0000, with that string.  Save to phone, the restart the phone.

- Per KBman... "the most valuable [menu choices] added are the Save Items, for saving media files through the browser(except no mp3s with the Maxx), Bookmarks, Snapshots, Go To URL, Copy Text, Homepage and Proxy settings all natively supported by the browser and saved internally in the phone's memory rather than services available on VZW's server."

14. How to email ring tones and pictures...

- This will not work for .MP3 files, renamed or otherwise, as verizon is now converting/re-encoding the MP3 files into .QCP.  The sound quailty is degraded, but worse is the fact that the phone will only store them as SOUNDS, so they are NOT in the correct folder, and can not be selected as ring tones.

- General Midi files or Yamaha SMAF (named as .MID) do not get converted/re-encoded, so you should still be able to email them.

15. Activating the phone via Verizon's My Account web page may fail.....

- For some reason, the Activate Phone web link on the My Account Web Page will only accept the phone's MEID, and NOT the HEX or DEC ESN number.   Using the ESN number on the "activate phone" page will FAIL.  You MUST use the MEID when switching to the Maxx.  Apparently Customer Service is unaware of this.

16. DONE - Startup/Shutdown sounds and graphics

- Startup Sound -> /motorola/system/ui_start_up_mono.mp_   is a 128kbit/44khz/Stereo mp3, renamed to .mp_
- Shutdown Sound -> /motorola/system/ui_start_dn_mono.mp_  is a 128kbit/44khz/Mono mp3, renamed to .mp_
- Startup Picture -> /motorola/system/customer_opening.gif    is an Animated 240x320 32bit non-interlaced Gif89a, 17 Frames
- Shutdown picture -> /motorola/system/customer_closing.gif is an Animated 240x320 32bit non-interlaced Gif89a, 14 frames

17. Maxx Ve file system dump...   Maxx_Ve_EFS_2.rar 

18. To format the MicroSD card in the phone...

- Put the microSD card in the phone and the type #4357* go downt to storage devices, pick the microSD and hit format. Reboot the phone...  (Thanks to ThatsMr.Dude2u, see This Post)

19. Using the Maxx Ve with iSync on Mac...

- I don't have a Mac, but see post by bck1981 -> http://www.howardforums.com/showpost.php?p=9242901&postcount=86