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How do I load games/apps onto a Verizon phone?

This question is asked all to often, so...  A few notes before we begin...

1.  Most tutorials and Free Games out there on the net are for JAVA and Java Enabled phones.

2.  Phones running the Verizon, Alltel, Vivo, MetroPCS, and US Cellular firmware do NOT support Java, they support BREW.  No, Brew and Java are not compatible.

3.  Brew apps/games are digitally signed and locked to the particular hand set they were purchased from.  So you can't back them up from one phone, and load them onto another.

4.  No one has successfully "cracked" brew 2.x and higher which is used on current phones.   So #3 still applies...

Add that all up and it equals....  

Currently the only way to get games and applications onto your Verizon phone (running Verizon, Alltel, Vivo, US Cellular or MetroPCS firmware) is to purchase them via Verizon's Get-it-Now service.


If this changes, I will update this page to reflect it.

PS: if there should be a leaked firmware for your model phone from a CDMA wireless carrier that does use java, like Bell or Telus, then you could investigate flashing your phone with it. Now, this would mean you get Java, but loose BREW, so no Get-it-Now, and you'd have extra efforts getting the Data services and other Verizon Network based features working.


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