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Seem Edits

For the OLD Seem Edit page... CLICK HERE

Already edited seems are located at the bottom of this page...

Detailed SEEM information is available at NuclearElephant.com's V710 seem info page  and NuclearElephant's E815 seem info page  (thanks to superdavex, inetron.com, nuclearelephant.com/papers/v710seem.html and motov710.blogspot.com for info.)

SEEM Edits are considered HACKS!!!  SEEM edits can damage your phone and will void your warranty.  Improper use of the tools to accomplish SEEM edits can damage your phone.  So use at your own risk!!


If you wish to retain your phone's warranty, the ability to have a Verizon Store exchange your phone, etc, STOP RIGHT NOW...   HACKS invalidate your warranty.  If Verizon can prove you have "hacked" your phone in anyway, they will NOT replace it!!

IF you mess up your phone by doing this, or anything on this site, do not expect Verizon, Motorola or ME to replace your phone!!  PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!  You have been warned!!

See the STOCK Phone page for information on what you can do without seem edits vs. what you can do with seem edits...

NOTE: If you have a V9M, Z6tv or other Newer motorola phone, P2KSeem will FREEZE up when trying to Load/Save seems from your phone. So, if you have one of these phones see -> V9M-SEEM.HTM

Background information... (optional)

What are seem edits and why are they needed??  See -> Seem Edit Background info

Popular Seem Edits...

MOVED to ->  Popular V710/E815/V3C/V3M Seem Edits <- for better organization and Clarity...


4/19/06 NOTE: For Seem Edits, Motorola's Software Update (aka MSU) can be substituted for PST, and is available LEGALLY... see -> Using Motorola's Software Update program (aka MSU) instead of PST (it includes a link to download MSU.) IF you use the link about using MSU, you do not need to obtain PST or follow the PREP-WORK section to do seem edits.

1.  USB Cable (see the FAQ)
2.  Install the Motorola USB Modem drivers.
3.  Install and configure PST and its drivers, along with testing its connection (Formerly known as the Prep-work section of the Seem Edit page).
3a. If you can NOT find PST v7.23, use MSU instead....
4.  Install P2KSeem for V710. (To install P2KSeem for V710.. Just unzip all the files in the archive you downloaded to a folder. It does not need to be "installed." There is no "setup" program.)
5.  Seem Number, Bytes (h), Record Number, Offset and Bit that you wish to change.

Seem edits can NOT be done over bluetooth!
Seem edits can NOT be done on a MAC..
Seem edits can NOT be done under Linux...
You must have a Windows 2000 or Windows XP PC and USB Data cable.   Please see the additional notes on USB Data cables see the  info on the FAQ page!!

Now for the illustrated process itself...

NOTE: Click on any of the pictures below to see the "full screen" shot.

NOTE: This process can be used for ANY Seem edit where you have the Seem Number, Bytes in Hex (aka length), record number and bits you need to change.

UPDATE: For Bytes (h) value... Entering 0000  as the Bytes (h) value causes P2KSeem for V710 to load the entire seem file (all offsets)  from the phone.  In the past, we'd enter a number (in hex) such as 7A or 90, which tells P2KSeem for V710 to load that range or only a subset/section of offset data. 

The example used in this walk through is to "Enable Bluetooth Or USB file transfer in MPT" on the V710 (V265 and V325)... As such, we will be using the following values....  Bytes = 7A, Seem  = 041A, and  Record =1... For Offset 6A we will be setting Bit 0 = 1 or Enabled or "Checking the box."  If you wish to do this edit on the E815 or V3C or V3M or KRZR K1M, replace 041A in the "seem" box with 2742.

Please be sure to use the appropriate values for the Phone and Seem Edit you wish to make!!  Consult the Popular Seem Edits page for info...

Launch  MSU  OR  PST Phone Programmer.

With MSU or PST Phone Programmer still running, to execute P2KSeem for V710, just double click the P2KSEEM.EXE from the folder you extracted the files to earlier.

P2KSeem for V710 should say "connected" in the lower left. 

For me, P2KSeem for V710 launches with Byte field fill in as 7a (hex) and the the Load Seem filled in as 041A.  Please change the values for Seem Number, Bytes (h), and Record Number as needed for the Phone and Seem Edit you wish to make!! Failure to do so could cause problems ranging from P2KSeem just not reading the seem from the phone, to totally messing up your phone!!

For this example (Moto V710 phone), in the LOAD area we fill in Bytes (h) as 7A, Seem as 041a, and Record  as 1. Once they are filled in correctly, Click the LOAD FROM PHONE button.


OPTIONAL:  Save a backup of your UNEDITED SEEM file now.  Click the  "SAVE TO FILE" button in the lower right.   In the pop-up box, the name will be filled in automatically... example:  041a_0001.seem.  I usually like to call it...  041a_001.seem.ORG   then click Save.   If you mess things up, later you can click "LOAD FROM FILE" browse to/open your backup file, then click "Save To Phone"  to start over from "scratch."   Now back to how to do seem edits...

You will see a bunch of "junk" (really its hex codes, etc) in the top part of the window.

Under Selected Byte Details (lower left section) you will see OFFSET:0000 (that is where the cursor is at load time.)



We need to get to offset 6A bit 0, so use the arrows to move the cursor until OFFSET reads 006A (Hint: use the DOWN ARROW on PC the keyboard 6 times to get to Line 000060, then use the RIGHT ARROW on the PC keyboard 20 times to get to offset 006A).

Click on the box for BIT 0 to put a check mark in it.  That sets BIT0 = 1(in this case, enabled) Note: A check mark in the box means the value for that bit is set to 1.  No check mark in the box means the value for that bit is set to 0.


Click the SAVE TO PHONE button in the lower right.

You have just enabled Bluetooth and USB File Transfer Support for MPT.  Go back, repeat the process to make any other edits you want (like to enable TF Copy/Move), and click SAVE TO PHONE.  When you have finished,  exit P2KSeem, then PST. (Note: if making multiple edits to the SAME seem file, you do not have to click "save to phone" for each individual edit you make unless you want to.  You can wait until after you have made all of your desired seem edits to that file and then click Save To Phone.)

For the changes to take affect, power your phone off, wait about 20 seconds, then turn it back on.  (Note: some have also suggested removing/replacing the battery after you power the phone off prior to powering the phone back on.)

Thats it.

NOTE: E815 users with 01.17.03 firmware  may need to  re-enable Dial-Up Networking on their phones after doing seem edits by entering ##DIALUP on the keypad.

(thanks to superdavex, inetron.com, nuclearelephant.com/papers/v710seem.html and motov710.blogspot.com for info.)

To Verify your seem edits were saved...   with all applications on the PC Exited... Launch PST... then P2kSeem for V710... if it says Connected, In the LOAD area, fill in the Seem number and Record  and bytes value. Once they are filled in correctly, Click the LOAD FROM PHONE button. You should see some "junk" (actually HEX codes) in the top window... Use the PC Keyboard's arrow keys to move around and find the appropriate offset, and take a look at the boxes for the bits.  Are they Checked/Unchecked the way you wanted? If so, the seem edit was saved.

Pre-Edited Seems... As a reference...  

Original and Pre-Edited Seem Pack... (Compiled by Humpa)
seems_motorola_cdma_phones.zip... Seems For Verizon's V710, E815, V3c, and V3m. Plus the Telus V710 and Alltel V3c - This zip contains most of the original seems and also the seems with the popular edits already applied

Seem files for Verizon V710 with 8700_01.40.0R software/firmware...
My Original V710 UNEDITED 041A Seem  
My V710 EDITED 041A Seem (contains just the BT for MPT, and TF Copy/Move options enabled)
Alternate V710 EDITED 041A Seem (contains BT for MPT, TF Copy/Move and Pix Server Editing options enabled)

Seem files for TELUS V710 users...
superwombat's Telus Edited 041A Seem (contains... TF Copy/Move, Shutter sound Off, Allow Apply as Ringtone, MPT over BT, Roaming Call Guard and Enable Editing of Pix Place/MMS Server) See -> This Post for details

Seem files for Verizon E815...
My Original E815 UNEDITED 2742 Seem (90h bytes) -> 2742_0001-90byte.seem
My original E815 (01.1E.00 firmware) UNEDITED 2742 Seem FULL SIZE (C1h bytes) ->  E815-2742-0001-C1-bytes-ORG.Seem
Humpa's EDITED_2742 Seem (7Ah bytes) (contains BT for MPT/OBEX, TF Copy/Move, Pix Server Editing and the Menu: Security > Data Connection options enabled)  See -> This POST for details
Pre-Edited Phone ID String for E815m (22h bytes) -> 2827_0001-E815m.seem

Seem Files for Verizon V3C (using Verizon's firmware)
GoldMembr's EDITED 2742 Seem (90h bytes) Too many edits to list here :) see -> THIS POST for details.
original V3C (01.0F.02 firmware) UNEDITED 2742 Seem FULL SIZE (C1h bytes) ->  V3C-2742_0001-C1-Byte-ORG.seem
Pre-Edited Phone ID String for V3Cm (22h bytes) -> 2827_0001-V3Cm.seem

Seem Files for Verizon V3M (using Verizon's firmware)
Original V3M (01.05.0A firmware) UNEDITED 2742 Seem FULL SIZE (CDh bytes) ->  V3M-2742_0001-CD-Byte-ORG.seem
Pre-Edited Phone ID String for V3Mm (22h bytes) -> 2827_0001-V3Mm.seem

Seem Files for Alltel V3C (using Alltel's firmware)
GoldMembr's EDITED 2742 Seem (0000h bytes) using 0000h bytes loads the ENTIRE Seem file, not just a sub section.  see -> THIS POST for details.

Seem Files for Verizon KRZR K1M (using Verizon's firmware)
Pre-Edited Phone ID String for K1Mm (22h bytes) -> 2827_0001-K1Mm.seem