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Using MSU instead of PST.

based on comments/discussions in -> Can't find PST? use this instead!  THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED!!

On this page you will learn the initial install/configuration of Motorola's Software Update program (aka MSU)

To use P2KSeem for V710, P2KCommander, and some other programs, the phone must be placed into the correct Diagnostic/suspend mode.   In the past, PST was used for this.  However, while more powerful, allows for flashing the phone, tweaking settings and many other things,  PST is a copyright program making it difficult to obtain.  In addition, it is copy protected by a hardware key (Wibu Key) which can introduce its own challenges.  

On the other hand, Motorola's Software Update program (aka MSU) is freely available, and puts the phone into that exact same suspend mode allowing P2KCommander and P2KSeem for V710 to work. Therefore, instead of having to search for and obtain PST and work around its copy protection, you can just use MSU.  

In addition, once the Wireless carriers (like Verizon) release their software/firmware updates to Motorola, it will be able to flash/upgrade your phone at home...  NOTE: Currently Verizon has released firmware updates this way only for select model phones. Alltel has released a few for certain model phones too. However you can not use MSU to flash your phone with a firmware file YOU supply.

1. Motorola's Software Update program (aka MSU)...
Obtain from -> http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/support/update/ 
Direct download link -> https://rsddownload.motorola.com/download/Motorola_Software_Update.exe
2. Compatible USB data cable (see the FAQ)

NOTE: Motorola Software Update works only with the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 4)
Windows XP (with Service Pack 2)
Windows Vista (32-bit)

Note: My PC is setup to Ignore Driver Signing, so I do NOT get prompted about Un-signed drivers. If your PC is set to PROMPT, you will be asked to continue... please do continue allowing windows to install it. If your PC is set to BLOCK Un-signed drivers, the drivers will not get installed properly!!! to check this setting in WinXP -> Right click My Computer -> Properties -> hardware -> Driver Signing button.

Now the process...  (I did these steps on a freshly loaded PC... Windows XP Pro SP2 only... no BVRP Drivertool, No PST, never hooked the phone up before, etc.. however they should also work if you have already installed the other software)

If your phone is connected to the PC, disconnect it.

Download MSU as linked earlier on this page.  When the download has completed, run the EXE...

During the install process click next twice to get to the license agreement screen. Select "I Agree", then click Next...

Click Next one more time it does its thing and comes to... Install complete screen...
With the "Launch Motorola's Software Update" box checked, click the Close Button.

MSU opens up. On the left under IMEI Number, Carrier, and Phone model number, it will say N/A for all three.

Connect the Phone and USB cable to a USB port directly on the PC (do not use a USB hub!)...

The Windows Add New Hardware Wizard runs for "motorola usb modem"... Leave it set for "install the software automatically" and click NEXT... It will find the right driver, install it, and come up to a "Completing found new hardware wizard" window. Click FINISH.

Unplug phone, wait a few seconds and plug it back in...

The Add New Hardware wizard runs for EACH of the 4 P2K devices.... Each time, if asked, select "install the software automatically" and click NEXT. It will find the right driver, install it, and come up to a "Completing found new hardware wizard" window. Click FINISH.

It does this for each of the 4 Moto P2K Devices... When drivers for the last one has finished, windows will tell you "new hardware is installed and ready to use..."

MSU will then display the ESN Number of your phone... (model and carrier will still show N/A until Verizon has firmware/software updates available this way).

If the ESN Number of your phone is displayed, your phone is in the proper state to use P2KSeem for V710 (Seem Edit Process), P2KCommander, etc.

If MSU still shows IMEI N/A, and does NOT display the ESN number of your phone, please consult the HELP file included with MSU.  In particular the Driver section.

NOTE: MSU usually installs drivers that are the same version as those available for download separately on the MotoDev web site, if it doesn't, please follow the steps in -> Installing the Moto USB Modem drivers for Windows to install the latest version of the MotoDev website drivers.

NOTE: If the MSU software "updates" ITSELF... The Add New Hardware wizard will again run for the Moto USB Modem, and EACH of the 4 P2K devices.  IF this happens it means that the drivers from MSU are installed. 

Please discuss in -> Can't find PST? use this instead!