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NOTE: I update this page and add new info when time permits... I do not always update the "News" page with a complete list of changes, correction, etc. unless its MAJOR.

This is the information on the Motorola V710 for Verizon Wireless that I have collected... While this information may also work on V710's from other carriers, I only have a Verizon phone, so I can not say for sure.  If you phone is not from Verizon, use this information at your own risk.

NOTE: While originally written for the Moto V710, MOST of the information on this site still holds true and works with the Moto E815. And just as most of the V710 info applies to the E815, so does most of the E815 info apply to the V3C, most of which also applies to the V3M, and so on...

In other words, a lot of this info holds true for each of the Verizon Moto phones.... with either minor exceptions or tweaks...   As I become aware that a tweak is needed or an exception should be noted for a specific phone,  I'll update that page/info.

Sorry about all the "LINKS" but since much of this information is common among phones and processes (like the pre-req's)... in an effort to only have to update information one time, and in one place, I separate info onto its own page, and link to it...