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V710 Firmware

NOTE: This information only applies to the Verizon V710.

Firmware files to flash your phone with at home are available by visiting http://www.humpa.com/vzw or http://ryfiles.com/flash   USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

There are various software (aka firmware) versions available for your Verizon V710 phone... (other carriers may vary..)

To check which version you have...  On the phone.... Menu -> Phone Info -> Other Information -> S/W Version.

8700_01.30.8F  Initial Verizon release version

8700_1.02.SD based off the 1.40.0R release that was "leaked" BEFORE Verizon released their 1.40.0R to the public. Seem edits and "fixes" for things Verizon disabled are already included. In addition, the "multi-color" graphics for the external LCD have been replaced with solid colors.  For full details, see this thread -> Custom Image 8700_1.02.SD

8700_01.40.0R   For details on what has been fixed/upgraded since 1.30.8F see this post -> Issues Resolved in Version 01.40.0R   also see this thread -> New V710 Software 8700.01.40.0R  and there is additional info in this thread ->  Difference between different v710 flashes?

8700_02.03.00R current Verizon release version.  There are NO release notes as to what was fixed. See -> V710: 8700_02.03.00R Released!  The same seem edits still work with this firmware.

Note:   It is suggested you do NOT flash your phone on your own!!

It is suggested to be at version 8700_01.40.0R (or 8700_02.03.00R) and then either make the seem edits yourself or use the SD "V710 Modified Seem" available in the download section at inetron.com(for access to the download section, you must register and sign in)

While it is possible to upgrade (or flash) the software on your phone yourself... I have read many reports of garbled audio, decreased battery life, and various other "problems" when flashing your phone at home.  Even re-flashing back to stock Verizon software did not fix. The resolution was to have the phone replaced.  So I suggest you take your phone to the Verizon store. They can upgrade it in under an hour (depending on how busy they are when you arrive).  If they mess it up, they can replace the phone right on the spot.

If you do flash the phone yourself, then your phone breaks and you need to return it, if it can be powered on, make sure you flash back to Verizon's software/firmware FIRST before you try and have it exchanged. (inetron.com has  the stock 1.40.0R Verizon software in their download section.)  Verizon will NOT return/exchange your phone if they can prove you have modified it in anyway!!!

After you successfully have version 01.40.0R on your phone, then you can do the seem edits to re-enable some of the functions disabled by Verizon in the new software....

My phone and all information documented on this site was done using the STOCK Verizon 8700_01.40.0R with which my phone came.  It has also been applied successfully to phones which came with the 8700_01.30.8F software and had later been upgraded to 8700_01.40.0R by Verizon stores.

NOTE: Some users are flashing their Verizon Phones with the Telus V710 software/firmware to enable the use of Java games/apps.  While I have not done this, here is a link to a thread with all the information.... PLEASE READ IT ALL BEFORE YOU CONSIDER TRYING IT!!!  Java working on the 710