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E815 information...

While originally written for the Moto V710, I have received confirmation from E815 users that the following information pages still apply to the E815 with notes as follows....

Stock Phone, File formats supported, PC Software1, USBSER.SYS info, Seem Edit Process2, MPT info3, Transflash, Ringers, Graphics, Express Network4, BitPim, and PC Bluetooth  pages all apply to BOTH the V710 and E815 with some minor notes.

1.The drivers for the E815 need to be obtained separately as they do not come with MPT or PST 7.1.1. A live update to MPT v3.25b will bring down the driver for the E815 to be seen as Moto USB Modem in Windows, however drivers for PST 7.1.1 will still be needed. I have them on my PC Software page.
2.While the seem edit process is the same, the seem file is a different number and I have noted that on the seem edit page.
3. Prior to doing seem edits you are able to work with Calendar/Contacts via Bluetooth in MPT.
4. Express Network works, but if you have firmware 1.17.03 you must first enter ##DIALUP on the phone's keypad to enable support on the phone.  This only needs to be done once, unless you do seem edits, then you need to do it once again after you have completed the seem edits. Due to Verizon's TOS forbidding tethering with EVDO phones (i.e. using the phone as a Modem to connect to their high speed data networks) you must implement workarounds to disable the phone's EVDO feature forcing it to 1xRtt before Express Network works.

E815 Firmware Notes.   <- This link contains info on the various E815 firmware/software levels available.

After upgrading to an E815, I started adding more things to my pages that can be done on it.

The HOW TO's page contains the list.  Notes are added to each page in-line with what differences there are.

Notice… While I do no yet have an E815, Andyw2100 has notified me of some common issues E815 users have been experiencing.   Apparently  Motorola has been contacted but failed to identify and acknowledge the problems.  Moto even went as far to say that they are not receiving complaints on these issues.  As such a petition has been created in the hopes of raising Motorola's awareness of these issues in the hopes of having them fixed...

Please see the thread ->  PLEASE Sign Petition To Motorola For 815 Problems!  

And/or sign the petition at -> http://www.petitiononline.com/fletch33/

NEITHER MYSELF NOR CDMAFORUMS.COM are affiliated with petitiononline.com.

Nor are we responsible for that petition or information contained there in.