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PC Software

Please Note: I DO NOT have the software for distribution.  If you need it, it is up to you to acquire it.   Please adhere to and respect copyrights!!

NOTE:  CDMA phones (what Verizon, Alltel, Telus, Bell Mobility uses) are NOT the same as GSM Phones (like T-Mobile, Cingular, etc)...  So many of the same tools and tutorials for GSM Phones will NOT work on CDMA phones....  The items described/linked here will work with the CDMA Phones.

Here is a list of software used to put the tones and graphics onto the phone.... Links are provided for the software that is either Freeware, Shareware,  has a Demo available or can be Purchased On-Line.  If a link to download is not provided, it is because the software is NOT FREE or I am not 100% sure its free.   I can not and will not provide links to pirated software!!

When it comes to Drivers for the Motorola Phones... Please also read -> Driver Confusion

USB Driver for Windows.  Currently, the Preferred method is to use the drivers that you can download from the MotoDev web site! For more info, please see->  Install the Motorola USB Modem drivers.

The drivers that come with PST 7.23 do not support the Moto E815, V3C, V3M, or Krzr K1M so in the past you needed to obtain them.  The drivers from the MotoDev web site now INCLUDE and install these drivers too, so there is no need for another DriverPack.

Motorola Phone Tools (aka MPT, formerly known as Mobile Phone Tools)  From Motorola and BVRP Software.  Can be used to synchronize phone book and calendar between your phone and MS Outlook.  Additionally, it's built in Multimedia Studio allows for transfer of ringers/graphics/videos between your PC and Phone via Data cable or Bluetooth (Due to Verizon imposed phone limits, you may need to "hack" your phone to use some of MPT's features!!!).   MPT IS NOT FREEWARE.  NOTE: some people who purchased from eBay received Generic cables and a CD with a Pirated copy of MPT and/or other software. This is especially true of those vendors who sell the data cable bundled with a CD of "ring tones and utilities"  There is more info on my MPT page including links of where to purchase, and discount codes!

NOTE: Mobile Phone Tools is not the same as Verizon's Mobile office Kit.  For details, see my MPT vs MOK page.

Verizon's Music Essentials Kit (aka MEK) which can be purchased from Verizon stores or their web site for around $30,  includes Verizon Branded WMP10, an older version of the USB Drivers available from the MotoDEV web site, USB Cable, and wired Stereo Headset. 

Verizon's Music Essentials Manager (aka MEM) This free download includes everything on the CD that comes with the Verizon Music Essentials Kit you would purchase, PLUS vCast Music Essentials Manager (MEM) software (by Smith Micro).  MEM makes it a little easier to sync music with the phone, rather than using just Windows Media Player alone.

Motorola's Software Update program (AKA MSU).  Released by Motorola to be a solution for end users to upgrade or flash your phone at home, rather than having to drive to your wireless carrier's store when a new firmware update is available for your phone. It is not a fully featured/stand alone flash utility. Other than saying "yes, continue"   It is freely available and legal for download... It also puts the phone into the same suspend/diag mode needed for Seem Edits, P2KCommander, and that other processes require as PST does...  So in many cases, MSU can be used IN PLACE OF PST...  NOTE: currently not all North American wireless providers deliver firmware updates via MSU, but some do...

Motorola PST Phone Programmer Software. (AKA PST) Among other things, this software allows you to flash/flex the phone. An active connection between your phone and PST is required for P2KSeem to connect to your phone.  From the FAQ at HowardForums... "Motorola's PST is a program used in service centers across the country and world for basic repair and upgrading of Motorola phones. Features include flashing/flexing phones, changing NAM settings, etc. Not available for legal download to the public, only available in Motorola Service Centers."  NOTE for E815/V3C/V3M users: PST v7.23 appears to be "more compatible" with the E815/V3C/V3M.  While PST v7.1.1 works for a lot of E815/V3C users, some users have had issues when using PST v7.11 where P2KSeem will say connected, but not READ the seem file from the phone. It also may not save the seem properly to the phone.  Apparently this does not happen with v7.23.  So if you can get PST v7.23, please do. NOTE: If you are planning on converting from Verizon to Alltel firmware, you'll want PST 7.25 or later!!  Pst 7.23 can not backup some of the necessary files from the V3C/V3M/K1M, but PST v7.25 and v7.26.

RSDLite. A newer, stand alone flashing utility to flash your phone. Required for flashing some of the newer model phones like the V9M and Z6tv.

RSD CDMA General. Other than the fact that it doesn't include a firmware flashing utility, it appears to be a replacement for Moto PST. You can change settings, features, and program options on your phone.

P2KSeem... Reads the Seem Files from your phone and saves them to the PC, and can take Seem Files from the PC and write them to the phone. An external Hex Editor is required to actually edit the seem file.  The Seem files of your phone can be used to enable features like Bluetooth support for MPT, re-enable the Transflash Copy/Move functions, etc. Its complex, hex editing required, etc.  The NON-Modified version of P2KSeem does NOT work for the CDMA phones!  NOTE: SEEM EDITS VOID YOUR PHONE WARRANTY.  P2KSeem requires PST to be running and communicating with the Phone in order to connected and work. NOTE: While some guides/threads talk about using P2KSeem to do seem edits, many are really talking about using P2KSeem for V710 since it makes the "hex editing" portion much easier.

P2KSeem for V710... aka SD Modified P2KSeem (works with V710/E815/V3C/V3M) Similar to P2KSeem, however customized to work with the CDMA phones, and make seem editing EASIER. It includes a Hex Editor built right into the program.   Just read the Seem File in, find the Offset, check the box to toggle the bit you want to change, and save back to the phone, all in this same utility.  I recommend using this rather than the plain P2KSeem. The original is available in THIS THREAD.  I have taken the original, edited the CSV file to include info for "popular edits" so that descriptions for them show properly and have it available for download here -> P2KSeem4V710.zip See the included README for details. NOTE: P2KSeem requires PST or MSU to be running and communicating with the Phone in order to connected and work. 

NOTE:  the "P2K" type tools (P2K Manager, Motokit, P2K Commander, etc) were written for GSM phones and do not work with CDMA phones!!  Exceptions: SD Modified P2KSeem (aka P2KSeem for V710).   When it comes to P2K Commander, however, certain versions of P2K Commander appear to be more stable/work better for CDMA Motorola phone users (v3.22 and v3.26 seem to work best but still have problems from time to time as well as give "error messages".)   The "P2K" type tools also require that PST or MSU be running and connected to the phone in the background.

BitPim  "BitPim is a program that allows you to view and manipulate data on LG VX4400/VX6000 and many Sanyo Sprint cell phones. This includes the PhoneBook, Calendar, WallPapers, RingTones (functionality varies by phone) and the Filesystem for most Qualcomm CDMA chipset based phones..."  Can be used to delete stock ringers and graphics from the phone freeing up memory.  BitPim allows you to replace/overwrite files or delete them,. As BitPim evolves, it supports more phones, and more features. Bitpim supports/respects BREW folder locks/limits, so there are limits and you might not be able to use it to access all file/folders when using its file system feature. For more details, see my BitPim Page.

Motorola Messaging Suite v1.2.  from the Motorola web site is good for creating/editing iMelody ringers and playing them back on your PC... "The Motorola Messaging Suite is a set of tools allowing you to create and test MMS and EMS messages for Motorola's MMS and EMS-enabled handsets. The SDK includes SMS, EMS and MMS composers, as well as content editing tools for video, audio, graphics, iMelody ring tones and text. The Messaging Suite also allows you to send EMS and MMS messages to a handset from your desktop (EMS available for certain handsets only)."

Qualcomm PST aka QPST.. phone programming software... allows you to view and edit a lot of phone settings. Most of which you do NOT want to touch!! It also includes EFS Explorer feature to access/work wth the file system, however this too respects BREW folder locks/limits so you might not be able to us eit to access all files/folders. Plus a "screen capture" feauture as well... Its "warez" do don't ask where to get it.

Qualcomm PureVoice v2.0 plays back .QCP files.  Useful if you would like to save the sound files created by the phone's built in voice recorder to your PC and play them back. See also.. This Thread

PSMPlay v5.x or PSMPlayer 3.80e.  Plays .MMF files on your PC and can make MMF or MIDI files louder, as wells as trim them down. Do a google search on PSMPlay to find.

WinRAR by Rarlab needed to unpack .RAR files.   "WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. You may try WinRAR before buy, its trial version is available in downloads."

NOTE:  CDMA phones (what Verizon, Alltel, Telus, Bell Mobility uses) are NOT the same as GSM Phones (like T-Mobile, Cingular, etc)...

Most of the hacking tools and tutorials on the Net for GSM Phones do NOT work on CDMA phones...

P2KCommander does work (if you have PST or MSU running in the back ground)... but gives some volume name failed errors, and such... and its P2KAutoStart app needs to be disabled... (v3.22 and v3.26 seem to be the most stable for CDMA phone users). See my P2KCommander page for more info. NOTE: P2KCommander doesn't show hidden files/folders so it should not be used to REMOVE SKINS. Since P2KCommander was written for GSM phones, it does NOT respect Brew file system locks/limits, and can therefore access some of the files/folders that BitPim and QPST EFS Explorer can not.

The SD modified P2KSeem works perfectly... (but again, needs PST or MSU running)... This is because it was modified but superdavex to work on the CDMA phones!!

The rest.. P2KTools, P2KManager, P2KMenu Editor, MotoKit, etc.. either do NOT work, or have MAJOR PROBLEMS on CDMA Phones... While the flash/flex backup utils "appear to work" they do NOT produce a VALID output file that can be used to flash a phone...

Seem Edits are different between GSM and CDMA phones, the seem file number, etc... are different... there are more tools available to do seem edits in the GSM world.. in the CDMA we have only 1... the SD Modified P2KSeem (aka P2KSeem for V710)...

So.. be careful of what you read... if it doesn't specifically say CDMA or V710, E815, V3C or V3M, its probably something for a GSM MOTO which is not going to be accurate for you, and could end up messing up your phone!!