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updated 7/20/05

The V710 comes equipped with 10Meg of internal memory and the E815 is equipped with 40Meg of internal memory for storing photos, videos, and sounds.  Some of that is taken up by the built in pictures, ringers, etc.

You can purchase a Transflash memory card (aka MICRO-SD) to store more MP3 files, store photos and videos taken with the built in camera, etc.  NOTE: V3C does NOT have a Transflash/Micro-SD card slot.  Additional memory can NOT be added to the V3C.

PLEASE NOTE:  I do NOT have A V3M so, info specific to it can only be added based on what I've read, and if I do add it, it will be added VERY SLOWLY!!!

NOTE: the Verizon E815, Razr V3M, and KRZR K1M are limited to 1gig memory cards. They can not properly make use of the space beyond the 1 gig barrier.  Additional info see -> http://www.howardforums.com/showpost.php?p=9048175&postcount=5  

NOTE: The E815 phone can not format a 1 gig card, so if you want to use a 1 gig card in an E815, you must format it as FAT in a memory card reader on a PC before inserting it into the phone. 

Here is what I know for The V710/E815....

  • Its ok to format the TF card in a PC to recover from errors, etc. BUT make sure you format the TF card IN THE PHONE once BEFORE you start putting files on it! Formatting in the phone will erase all data and cause the correct directory structure to be created on the TF card.. ( on the V710 its  Menu -> Phone Info ->Storage Devices -> TRANS-T-Flash... Press the Center Menu Key.  Highlight Format and press the Select Key.).  NOTE: The E815 can not format 1 Gig Cards, so you must format it as FAT in a PC, then insert it into the phone for use.
  • To view the files on the TF card, when in Media Gallery, press the middle button, scroll to and use Switch Storage Device choice.  Highlight the TRANS-T-Flash choice and select that.
  • There appears to be a 37 character file name length limit (including period and 3 character extension).  (see the File Format Page).
  • There appears to be a 20 character limit on Play List names. (see the File Format Page).
  • It is recommended you refrain from using non-alphanumeric characters like ( ) , .  and such in the file names.  Use only 1 period for separating the file name from the extension. (in other words, use ONLY LETTERS AND NUMBERS in the file names).
  • When using the Phone to format the TF card, it formats it using the FAT file system and a specific folder structure is created!!
  • When taking a picture or video with the phone's built in camera, you have a choice of where to store it (internal memory, or TF card).   You can also set the default storage location.
  • When you receive a message that has a picture, video, or sound file attached, you have a choice of where to save it (internal memory or TF card).
  • For pictures, you can still copy/move between the phone and the TF card directly with a stock Verizon v710 that has the latest firmware (1.40.0R).  I am not sure about the ability to do this with video's/movies as I got my TF card AFTER my seem edits were done.
  • For pictures you wish to use as wallpaper... they can reside on the TF card.
  • Pictures assigned to contacts for use as Caller ID must be in the phone's internal memory.  Pictures on the TF card can not be assigned to contacts.
  • For using the phone as an MP3 player... MP3 and MIDI files can be stored on the TF card, and be played back from the TF card.  To do this, on the phone go  Menu -> Multi Media Gallery -> Sounds.  You can make play lists, or play individual files.  
  • To have the MP3 files continue to play with the flip closed, you need to first press the  "hide" soft menu button while the sound file is playing.
  • For ringers... The MP3 or MIDI file you want to use as a ringer must be in the phone's internal memory, Sounds on the TF card can NOT be used as Ringers..
  • With the latest firmware (1.40.0R)  you can NOT copy Sound Files (Mp3 or Midi) directly between the phone's memory and the TF card. Verizon has disabled that feature. (A seem edit can re-enable this.)
  • Sounds to be played back from the TF card should be placed in  \motorola\shared\audio (when the TF card is in a memory reader on the PC.)
  • Play list files created by the phone are stored under \motorola\shared\audio\play (when the TF card is in a memory reader on the PC.) Note: the phone does not use "standard" play lists like those created by WinAMP or Windows Media Player.  The phone only supports play lists that are created on the phone itself via the phone's menus.
  • Pictures should be placed in \motorola\shared\picture (when the TF card is in a memory reader on the PC.)
  • Videos should be placed in \motorola\shared\video (when the TF card is in a memory reader on the PC.)
  • When using MPT's Multimedia Studio features... Under Mobile Explorer, the TF card will be listed as MMC(Removable) in the Root Level of My Phone.
  • While the Verizon 1.40.0R firmware says it supports hot swapping the TF card, I still turn the phone off prior to removing or inserting the TF card.

Here is what I know for the V3M...

Most of the V710/E815 Transflash info does pertain to the V3M, however, the Transflash on the V3M is not used the same as on the V710/E815 so the following conditions/updates apply to the V3M...

With the Transflash in a V710/E815 you'd put the sounds/mp3's in /motorola/shared/audio the phone's media gallery/sounds could see/play them/add them to play lists, etc... Pictures could be placed in /motorola/shared/pictures, and videos/movies placed in /mtorola/shared/video... this is NOT the case with the Verizon V3m!!

The V3M... because it syncs with Windows Media Player and uses the Verizon UI, Does not have that ability with MP3's....

On the V3M, if you want play lists, and "music player" type features, you must use the Verizon Music Player which only plays WMA files on that phone, and does NOT play MP3's... The WMA's must be put in the /MY_MUSIC folder on the card, or you must sync the phone with Windows Media Player to get them there...

For MP3's, other sounds, pictures, and videos/movies... the default location on the V3M is the ROOT of the TF card... Put them anywhere else, and the phone wont seem them... BUT you can change this... (good idea since the card is formatted as FAT)... see ITEM #35 on the HOW TO's

As for the menu options of copying/moving sounds between the TF and phone's memory... Again, I don't have a V3M, so I don't know if its disabled on the V3M like it was on the V710 (firmware 1.40 and above) or the E815..

So for ringers you have a choice of  4 ways to get them on the phone without using Get-It-Now. These 4 ways also work for getting Pictures and Videos onto your phone from a PC. (also see the notes below)

  1. The "Email Trick".... Send an email message to your phone with the sound you want to use as a ringer attached. (limits... 300K file size, the ringer should not be more than 20 to 25 secs, depending on the phone the sound files must end with extension .MID even if its an MP3 file). Works as an email to yourphonenumber@vzwpix.com with the file attached....  This will cost $.25 per message.  For more info/details see How to email Ringtones and Pictures to your phone.   its based on This thread, and my comments in THIS THREAD, especially Post #24 and Post #37
  2. The "Outbox Trick"...  Put the TF card in a memory reader attached to your PC, and copy the file onto the TF card.  Put the TF card back in your phone.  From your phone Send a  message with the ring tone file attached to a bogus address, say 555555555@vzwpix.com. It will error out, but the message will be in the phone's outbox.  Go into the outbox on the phone and save the file to the phone's internal memory.  This should be "free" but has the fragile nature of the TF card to contend with... i.e. you have to be careful moving the card back and forth between the PC and phone so you don't break it. For full instructions and discussions see THIS THREAD
  3. Do a Seem edit to re-enable the TF Copy/Move option.  Once done, you have the ability to copy/move MP3/Midi/sound files directly between the phone's main memory and a Transflash card using option in the phone's menu.
  4. Do a Seem edit to enable USB/BT Transfers when using the MPT software. Then use Mobile Explorer under the Multimedia Studio feature of the  MPT software to transfer ringers/graphics/videos to/from your phone. For how to, see the MPT page Note: E815 users, for you this seem edit also enables BT OBEX file transfers, so if your PC is BT equipped you can take advantage of that. In other words, after the seem edit MPT is only needed to transfer files to the E815 if you are using a USB Cable to do the transfers.
  5. E815 users who have done the Offset 6A/bit0 seem edit, and V3C Users with .02 firmware (no seem edit is required for V3C .02 users), who have a bluetooth equipped PC (i.e. your PC has a bluetooth radio built in, or dongle added, plus the drivers installed), can use Bluetooth OBEX File Transfers without needed additional software like MPT.  NOTE: this is NOT an option for V3C users with .03 firmware, or V710 users as the V710 does not include the BT OBEX File Transfer support, and in the .03 firmware, Verizon removed the OBEX File Transfer code.
  6. E815/V710 Users..  another way to copy/move WITHOUT seem editing, no emailing, etc... see Post #132 of E815 Super Thread (for simple people)

    Note: Option 1...  When it comes to renaming from .MP3 to .MID... Go into Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View tab. Find the box for "hide extensions for known file types" and remove the the check mark prior to trying to rename the file. Failure to do so will result in Mytone.MP3 being renamed as Mytone.mid.mp3... After you remove that check, mytone.mp3 will be properly renamed to mytone.mid.

    Note: Option 1... You must visit the VZWPIX.COM web site and sign up prior to attempting to email to your phone.

    Note: Option 1...  I've done some informal testing... I was able to send a 33 sec 260K in size .MP3 ringer that was renamed .mid to my phone via email.  It did allow me to apply as ring tone.  I also sent a 45sec 12K in size .MID ringer to my phone via email. It too allowed me to apply as ring tone.  See my comments in this thread

    Note: Options 2, 3 & 4 will have the initial cost of a USB cable, a TF card, Memory Card Reader for the PC and/or the MPT software. After that, unlimited use for free. There is also the possibility of messing up your phone when using the tools to do seem edits.