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Installing and Configuring PST, and its drivers....

Updated: 1/5/2007 due to the release of the new MotoDev drivers.

(formerly known as the PREP-WORK Section of the seem edit guide.)

The most difficult part is acquiring PST (since its a copyright program), along with installing it, installing the drivers for it,  configuring it, and making sure it can connect to the phone.

The following information describes how to get it all setup and ready to go..

4/19/06 NOTE: When doing only SEEM EDITS, or using P2KCommander....  Motorola's Software Update (aka MSU) can be substituted for PST, and is available LEGALLY... see -> Using Motorola's Software Update program (aka MSU) instead of PST (includes link to download MSU.) IF you use MSU, the rest of the following instuctions can be skipped!!! 

NOTE: MSU can not be used as a substitute for PST when FLASHING your phone's firmware.

Now, for preparation work... I've added notes/info/tips to help newer users so there is A LOT OF DETAIL that some might find un-necessary!!!  This PREP WORK is helpful to prevent problems during the seem edit process.

Required... if you were refered to this page by another process, you may already have these pre-req's in place.

1.  An appropriate USB Cable (see the FAQ)
2.  Install the Motorola USB Modem drivers. <- UPDATED!!!
3.  Motorola PST (v7.23 or higher), when working with the Verizon to "Alternate firmware" conversions, v7.25 is required! Sorry, no WAREZ links here.
4.  P2KSeem for V710. (To install P2KSeem for V710.. Just unzip all the files in the archive you downloaded to a folder. It does not need to be "installed." There is no "setup" program.)
5. NOTE: Jan 7, 2007...  due to the new MotoDev drivers, separate E815/V710/V3C PST drivers are no longer needed.... 

Seem edits can NOT be done over bluetooth!
Seem edits can NOT be done under MAC OS..
Seem edits can NOT be done under Linux...
You must have a Windows 2000 or Windows XP PC and USB Data cable.   Please see the additional notes on USB Data cables see the  info on the FAQ page!!

NOTE for E815/V3C Users:  if you have an E815/V3C, are doing ONLY SEEM EDITS or using P2KCommander and can get the Suspend Trick listed on NuclearElephant's page to work, you don't need PST, however, many have problems with it, give up, and end up needing PST.  Again, PST v7.23 is suggested for E815/V3C users.  DO NOT TRY AN DO BOTH... Use one way, or the other... Use EITHER the Suspend Trick, OR PST... Do not use Both at the same time. If you have/use PST, you do not manually suspend the phone.

Install the PST application.  If you see mention of "Triplets Workaround,"  DO NOT USE IT as it is NOT needed for the V710/E815/V3C/other CDMA phones. Only install PST itself.  If you have already installed Triplets workaround, you must obtain a new copy of the original C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST\pst_flash.ini  file or completely un-install/re-install PST without the Triplets Workaround.  If you have received PST as a .RAR file and are having troubles, please see the PC Software page.

Note: PST is a copyrighted program and checks for a hardware key.  If your key is malfunctioning, you might receive an error message about WIBU key.  If this is the case, you should be able to obtain a patch at the same location from where you obtained PST.  Sorry, I will not discuss how to crack copyright software!

Note: Some versions of PST try to install patches/hotfixes to windows.  If you visit Windowsupdate.com regularly, these patches may already be installed on your system.  As such, you will see errors that they can not be applied when installing PST.  You can just click OK to go through them.

To install P2KSeem for V710.. Just unzip all the files in the archive you downloaded to a folder.  It does not need to be "installed" and there is no "setup" program.

Before you launch PST, the driver for your phone as a Motorola USB Modem must be installed and working.  For more info see -> Install the Motorola USB Modem driversNOTE: This is a CRITICAL STEP and MUST BE PERFORMED USING THE LATEST DRIVERS FROM THE MOTODEV WEB SITE.

Once your phone shows up in device manager as Motorola USB Modem, launch PST using the Phone Programmer icon off the start menu.   If this is your first time doing this, or you have connected the data cable to a different USB port, the Add New Hardware wizard will run.   It will try to install.... Communications Class - Control InterfaceData Logging MCU Interface, Test Command Interface, and  Accessories Interface.   For all of these, the drivers should be found and installed automatically.  If not, choose "Install from a list or specific location..." then click next. On the following screen, to the right to the "include this location in the search" click browse... and direct it to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\MotPCSDrivers\Motodrv  

Note: My PC is setup to Ignore Driver Signing, so I do NOT get prompted about Un-signed drivers. If you PC is set to PROMPT you will be asked to continue... please do continue allowing windows to install them. If your PC is set to BLOCK Un-signed drivers, the drivers will not get installed properly!!!  to check this setting in WinXP -> Right click My Computer -> Properties -> hardware -> Driver Signing button.

If the add new hardware wizard does NOT run, check device manager for a Motorola USB Device group with Accessories Interface, Data Logging MCU, and Test Command Interface listed. 

If you have them, you can continue with these instructions.

If you do not, unplug your phone, power it off/on, and reconnect. 

These devices must be installed for P2KSeem to connect to the phone!  They will only be listed in device manager while PST is still running so DO NOT EXIT PST!  Note: If you don't see the Add New Hardware Wizard run and install those 4 devices, or you don't see the Motorola USB Device Group in Device Manager, make sure PST is set for Auto Detect for the serial ports..... In PST... Settings pull down -> PST Config... If Auto Detect is not selected, select it and click SAVE. Exit PST and re-launch it.  If you still don't see them, chances are you have a generic cable that does NOT work for this. 

PST really gives NO indication that it is connected to your phone. 

To test...  We will perform a "Phone Book Read"   Launch PST... When it comes to the main interface, click File -> New -> Phone Book File -> Ok.   You will be presented with Untitled Phone Book File.   Use the Phone pull down menu, and click READ.  PST should start reading the contents of your phone's Contacts.  If it finishes, PST is connected. NOTE: Be careful when doing this in PST, choosing an improper option (even for reading) can fry your phone!!

If the phonebook read is successful you are ready to proceed with your seem edit, using P2KCommander, flashing your phone, etc...