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Seem Edit Background information

Some background...  What are SEEM Edits? And why are they needed?   SEEM Files are "configuration files" for your phone.  They enable, disable or change features of the phone.   By editing these seem files, you can change certain aspects of your phone and the options it has available.  SEEM Edits are needed because Verizon choose to disable certain functions of the phone that many users find necessary.   Example.. For sounds/ringers... The MP3 or MIDI file you want to use as a ringer must be in the phone's internal memory. However, with the latest firmware you can NOT copy/move them directly between the phone's memory and the TF card. Verizon has disabled that feature in their latest firmware.  You can use a seem edit to re-enable it.

My Motorola V710 for Verizon came with software 8700_01.40.0R.  (Please see the Firmware information page for details on various firmware levels/revisions.) and some of the things I wanted to do were disabled.   I did find the SD.Good.Seem listed as "V710 Modified Seem" (Short Description: Latest Seem 41a Modified by SD Also Original 1.40.or VZW seem 41a) in inetron.com's download section, but it did not include a read.me stating what edits had been done, so rather than just load that, I wanted to do my own seem editing and change only the things I felt were needed.

BUT I was confused/worried about seem edits with everything I read. They all talked about bringing the entire seem file to the PC, using a hex editor, recalculating things, etc, and loading the entire newly edited seem back to the phone.  While I've had experience with Hex/Binary conversions, its been a while and I really didn't want to mess the phone up too bad.   Then I found P2K Seem for V710 on inetron.com.   That made it REALLY EASY!