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Moto X - Replacing your Bootlogo

When you power up your Moto X, you see a boot logo graphic followed by a boot animation as your phone starts up. This page explains the different boot logo files, and how to change/replace them.

The following is based on -> Moto X Bootlogos and Changing your Moto X bootlogo (no root needed)


  1. You have already installed the Motorola Drivers, ADB, Android Platform Tools, and mFastboot
  2. mFastboot (get from the previous link)
  3. Your battery has an 80% or greater charge!!

NOTE: there have been issues flashing CLOGO and LOGO when "older" versions of mFastboot have been used. Please use the mFastboot provided via the link in Requirements #1.


Some Background:

There are two boot logo files. CLOGO and LOGO.

Clogo or Clogo.bmp, is used on phones which have never had their bootloader unlocked. It is generally a 1280x720 pixel BMP graphic file. It is also updated seasonally by Motorola Boot Services application. NOTE: I have seen 1280x720 PNG files used successfully.

LOGO or Logo.bin, is used on phones which have had their bootloaders unlocked or relocked. It is generally a 1280x720 specially formatted BIN file. It contains 3 images. 1. The stock Moto Boot Logo, 2. Bootloader Unlocked Warning, and 3. battery charging graphic which gets displayed when your phone is powered off and has 0-3% battery life. (see THIS POST for what is in the STOCK LOGO.BIN file). The format of this file has changed between the 4.2.2 and 4.4.X roms on the X, and therefore custom LOGO.BIN files created for phones running 4.2.2 don't work on phones running 4.4.X and vice versa. Motorola Boot Services application will not change this file.

Working with the CLOGO (LOCKED bootloaders only): (thanks JCASE)

To create a custom CLOGO.BMP, please use your favorite graphic editing program to create and save a 1280x720 BMP file. NOTE: 1280x720 PNG files have also been used successfully.

If you are rooted and would like to back up the current CLOGO image from your phone, open a command prompt and type the following command...

adb shell su -c "dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/clogo of=/sdcard/clogo.bmp"

You will have a copy of your CLOGO.BMP on your computer.

To flash a custom CLOGO.BMP, reboot your phone into bootloader mode, open a command prompt on your PC, and issue the following command...

mfastboot flash clogo <filename>.bmp

To reset back to the stock CLOGO.BMP, reboot your phone into bootloader mode, open a command prompt on your PC, and issue the following command...

fastboot erase clogo

Working with the LOGO.BIN (UNLOCKED or RELOCKED bootloaders only): (this applies to 4.4 and up only! as the format is different for 4.2.2)

To create a custom LOGO.BIN file. You need to first take your graphic, resize it to 1280x720 and save as a regular BMP file. If the outside edges of the graphic contain many colors, please add a solid color border ( HOW TO ), as graphics that do not have a solid color around the edges don't work.

To convert your graphic to a properly formatted LOGO.BIN, containing all parts, we need to make use of the script that Carock made/posted on XDA Developers. (steps 1 through 5 only have to be performed the first time)

  1. Download carock's script
  2. Unzip it. It should make a folder called Motorun and have all the files in it.
  3. Install Perl by visiting -> http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads and using the big blue button to download either the X86(32bit) or 64bit installer. Run the installer, and make sure the box to allow it to be added to path is checked when you see it.
  4. Obtain the FFMPEG.EXE by visiting http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/ and click on either "Download FFmpeg git-4aa9c91 32-bit Static" or "Download FFmpeg git-4aa9c91 64-bit Static" When the download has completed, unzip it (winRAR or 7Zip work for this). Grab the FFMPEG.EXE from it and drop it in the motorun folder, along with the files from Carock's script.
  5. Close and re-open any CMD windows you might have already had opened, or optionally to reboot, so the path variable gets re-read in window's command prompts.
  6. place your graphic file in the motorun folder
  7. Open a command prompt in the motorun folder
  8. run the COMPRESS.BAT file, supplying it your graphic's file name.
  9. when the script completes, if there are no errors, you will have a properly formatted LOGO.BIN

Execute steps 6 through 9 to convert any additional graphics.

On a side note, taking the 24 CLOGO's from -> HERE along with other graphics found in the thread on XDA and I converted them all to logo.bin using carock's script. I tested each on my phone (Dev Edition X for Verizon) and they work perfectly... I've uploaded them here -> X-LogoBins.zip (when you un-zip, there will be two folders, one containing the original graphic so you can see it, and one with the logo.bin). As I find new graphics to use, I do the same. Only those that work for me are in that ZIP.

When using these, if my battery's charge is between 0 and 3%, I see the battery graphic. When booting I see the graphic I added to logo.bin. Since the 4% and above battery charging graphic is not part of the logo.bin, I always see it when the phone is off and charging (and of course is above 4%), no matter what image I load. (see also the discussion later in that thread around post #300)

Alternate Tool to create LOGO.BIN: Here is a link to another tool to make your own LOGO.BIN files Moto X/G/E boot logo command line tool. One nice feature it has is the ability to extract the graphic from the logo.bin to a .PNG file on your PC. It also has the ability to replace the 0-3% battery graphic, although I haven't tried that yet. At first I had some reservations about it (I guess I'm a creature of habit, once I find a way that works, I stick with it), but after giving it a try, it works very well. marmottepoilue did a great job with it. It also gets around the single color border I had to add to some pix when using carock's script.

To flash a custom LOGO.BIN, once you have a properly formatted "LOGO.BIN" reboot your phone into bootloader mode, open a command prompt on your PC, and issue the following command...

mfastboot flash logo <filename>.bin

If you wish to revert to the stock LOGO.BIN, it is included in the SBF file for your phone, which are downloadable from one of the sites listed in Web sites for official and LEAKED roms.. Please Note: if your bootloader has ever been Unlocked, flashing the stock Logo.bin file will restore the "Unlocked bootloader warning" message!