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Express Network

!! This page is now under re-Construction !!

V710 users may use this info AS-IS...  BUT updates to these pages are required to deal with newer V3C, V3M and E815 firmwares and Verizon's EVDO Data plans!!    SEE -> THIS PAGE  for details!! until I can better update these pages...

From this page, you can learn how to create a connection to Verizon's Express Network service using your V710/E815/V3C as a modem.

Express Network (aka 1xRTT) speeds are up to 144kbps (burstable).  They can average between 60kbps to 90kbps, so its faster than using a traditional dial-up modem.

BroadBand Access (aka EVDO) provides speeds up to 2Mbps (burstable) with typical speeds in the area of 400-700kbps (according to Verizon's FAQ

Note:  Air time charges do apply as if you are making a voice call (i.e. uses your minutes).  Some have also mentioned about being billed additional fees for using this service, however many have not.  Use at your own risk of being billed additional charges!!

NOTE: Moto E815 users with 01.17.03 firmware: must first key ##DIALUP on their phone's keypad to enable the Dial-up Networking feature of the phone (This only needs to be done once, unless you do seem edits, then you may need to do it again).

NOTE: Verizon's Terms of Service (TOS) forbids tethering  (i.e. using the phone as a Modem to connect to their high speed data networks) with EVDO Phones (like the E815 and V3C) without subscribing to a $60 per month data plan.  Failure to do so can result in termination of service and/or additional fees/high bills.  So use at your own risk!!

NOTE: Rumor has it, you can implement workarounds to disable the phone's EVDO feature forcing it to 1xRtt to "fly under" Verizon's radar.  But again... You are violating Verizon's TOS so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!  There are links on the HOW TO's page for instructions to disable EVDO...

NOTE: Moto V3C, V3M and E815 please SEE -> THIS PAGE for additional details!! before continuing on with the info here!!

Express Network for your Windows PC

Express Network for your Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device.