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Written by Phreakish for V3C users, this also applies to V710 and E815...

Instructions on how to edit the Homepage and setup free WAP 

Note: airtime charges still apply. But you do NOT have to subscribe to Verizon's Mobile Web package for like $5 per month.

-Go to proxy4free.com and find a proxy near you. Make sure you note the port number too.
-Go to www.hottproxy.org/tools/wsedit/wsedit2.pl (thanks to Courious George for making this as well as HoTTProxy), select default VZW.
-Enter the desired info into the WebSession file maker (gateway ip, port, etc)
-Don't forget to change the homepage to something of your liking (google.com/xhtml in my case another good one would be wap.thephonecam.com) (NOTE: Don't touch the VZW entry at all.)
-When you're done, create a file. It will be named WebSession - New.

Remove the "-new" and upload it to your phone using bitpim (the original WebSession file is in the root folder of your phone; make sure you overwrite it rather then delete then add; make sure you back up before you do any of this.)

-Go into the secret menu (for V3C this is accomplished by -> entering #073887* quickly (and correctly). At the security code prompt, enter 000000...      For the V710 and E815 this is accomplished by entering CenterMenu 073887* quickly.  At the security code prompt, enter 000000).  , Websession, open the new session and check that everything is the way you made it to be.

-now you can set this one as default and try it out.

If the proxy doesn’t work, try another one. This time you don’t have to do the whole thing, but just change the gateway in your phone and the ports if necessary. Sooner or later you will find a fast, working proxy.

Good luck

NOTE:  If you wish to setup your own Proxy Server see ->  Tutorial: Free WAP (Internet) on VZW RAZR V3c    V710/E815 users: Follow the same steps, except in Part 2, Step 1 use CenterMenu 073887*  instead of  #073887*