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NOTE: This information only applies to the Motorola V3M Razr from Verizon.

Firmware files to flash your phone with at home are available by visiting http://www.humpa.com/vzw or http://ryfiles.com/flash   USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

NOTE: While its possible to flash a V3M with V3C firmware, as the phone will function.  However the V3C's firmware does NOT support the Transflash slot, VCast Music, Verizon Music player, MTP Device mode Sync with Windows Media Player, etc...  In other words, flash your V3M with V3C firmware, and you've turned your V3M hardware into a V3C phone... 

NOTE:(12/9/06) a Verizon V3M monster file was recently LEAKED.  Using this NEWC_01.05.0A Monster file (available at http://www.humpa.com/vzw or http://ryfiles.com/flash ) you will be able to revert back to the "fresh out of the box" state of the V3M.. i.e. all features/functions completely restored!!

There are various software (aka firmware) versions available for your Verizon V3M phone... (other carriers may vary..)  For additional info on the Bluetooth abilities of the different firmwares also see the Phone Bluetooth page.

To check which version you have...  On the phone.... Menu -> Setting & Tools -> System -> Device Info -> Other Info -> S/W Version

NEWC_01.05.0A... Initial Shipping Version.

NEWC_01.09.01... Recently LEAKED UPGRADE firmware...  No release notes as of yet.  Discussion continues at -> The Official Motorola RAZR V3m NEWC_01.09.01 (NEWC_X_01.09.01P) Firmware Thread   Please Note: this is an UPGRADE firmwarefile, so it will NOT restore the V3M Specific features lost by flashing your phone with the V3C firmware!  (updated 12/9/06) NOTE: this apparently is BUGGY, and Verizon stores won't be able to flash your phone if you have this on your phone!! Please read the THREAD for details BEFORE you flash with this!!

NEWC_01.09.02... Recently LEAKED UPGRADE firmware...  Again, no release notes.  This is also available in Verizon Stores for them to upgrade your phone..  Discussion contiunes at -> Newest Verizon Firmware: V3M Complete

Normally I suggest you take your phone to the Verizon store to have the firmware upgraded. They can upgrade it in under an hour (depending on how busy they are when you arrive).  If they mess it up, they can replace the phone right on the spot.

If you choose to flash your phone on your own at home (see the Link on the HOW TO's page)...  Remember that this voids your warranty... Also, be sure to use PST v7.23 or newer!

Verizon will NOT return/exchange your phone if they can prove you have modified it in anyway!!!

NOTE: Some users are flashing their Verizon Phones with the Alltel V3C software/firmware to rid themselves of the Verizon RED UI, and enable OBEX Object Push in addition to the OBEX File Transfers.  While I have not done this, here is a link to some relevant  threads with all the information.... PLEASE READ IT ALL BEFORE YOU CONSIDER TRYING IT!!!  AllTel RAZR V3c activated on VZW /w pics, Alltel (03.16.10P) and Verizon (01.0F.03P) V3c Firmware available, and Wiki Guide to flashing V3c with Alltel firmware  If you flash with a NON-Verizon flash, it requires effort getting Get-It-Now, Multimedia messaging, Mobile Web, etc... working again.



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