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EN via PocketPC

Establishing an Express Network/1xRTT data connection via Bluetooth with your PocketPC/Windows Mobile device...

These are the steps I took on my iPAQ 2215 running Windows Mobile 2003 to establish a BT pairing between the iPAQ and phone, and create an EN connection via Bluetooth across my V710...  Other versions of Windows Mobile or Pocket PC may vary...

NOTE: Moto V3C and E815 please SEE -> The DUN PAGE for additional details!! before continuing on with this page!!

This process also works with my E815, Chocolate, enV, U740, U620, and V3C (using alltel firmware) after the appropriate edits to the phone are made.

Note:  V710 users...Air time charges do apply as if you are making a voice call (i.e. uses your minutes).  Some have also mentioned about being billed additional fees for using this service, however many have not.

If you've already attempted this you need to remove any "pairings" from the phone... On the phone... Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth Link -> Device History. Finding the listing for your PocketPC, press the CENTER menu button and DELETE it. Exit out of the menus.    You also need to delete any pairings from the Pocket PC.  On the Pocket PC, open Bluetooth Manager.   Click TOOLS -> Paired Devices.   Highlight your phone click the Remove button.  Exit Bluetooth Manager.

NOTE: On any of the pictures below, double click to see the "full screen" shot.

Open Bluetooth Manager

Click New -> Connect!

Click Connect to the Internet to highlight it and click Next. 

Select Connect via a Dial-up device such as... click next. 

Make the phone Discoverable...  On the phone... Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth Link -> Setup. Make sure Power is set ON.  Click FIND ME on the phone. (sorry no illustration)

On the Pocket PC tap on the device box. 

In the bluetooth Browser window, tap you phone to highlight it and tap OK (in top right)

"Discovering device PHONE" appears on your Pocket PC screen.

At this point look at the phone, it should be prompting you "Pair with PocketPC?" press the OK soft menu button.

The phone prompts you to enter a Pass Code. Remembering what they are, Type in 4 digits and press the OK soft menu key.

The Pocket PC will prompt you for the PassKey. Enter those same 4 digits you just typed on the phone and tap OK (in top right corner). 

The PocketPC will display a "Shortcut Creation" screen and ask you for a name for the short cut. What you enter into the "Connection Name:" box will be displayed in Bluetooth Manager. Optionally check the box for "use a secure, encrypted connection" (I do) & Click Finish..

The Bluetooth: Dial-up Connection window will appear asking you to "Select a connection to use:" Highlight New Connection... and tap OK (in the top right) 

Give your connection a name (this name will be used if you ever go Start -> Settings -> Connections). I choose Verizon EN 1xRTT. For leave the Country Code and Area Code fields blank. For Phone number enter #777 and tap OK.  

On the Network Log On screen, for user ID enter yournumber@vzw3g.com where yournumber=your 10 digit cell phone number. For Password, enter vzw and leave the Domain field blank. Optionally check the box for Save Password. (if you don't you'll always have to enter it prior to connecting.) Tap the OK button on the screen. 

The PocketPC will display a connection balloon stating Connecting to... and Dialing #777.  You will hear the phone beep a few times.

Once connected, the phone will display Packet Data on the screen.

The iPAQ will bring you back to Bluetooth Connection Manager where you will see your new shortcut for Dial-up Using Cell Phone and any other previous BT shortcut you had. The Dial-up Using Cell Phone will be greenish indicating an active connection. You can tap/hold and from the pop-up select Disconnect.

Later, to connect, on the pocket PC go into Bluetooth Manager and tap the icon for Dial-up Using Cell Phone...