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Chocolate: BitPim via Bluetooth

Configuring BitPim via Bluetooth, when your PC uses Widcomm Bluetooth drivers.  (My PC's use the Widcomm V5 drivers)

First... forget using BitPim's FIND PHONE... it wont work since the VX-8500 isn't supported yet...  So you'll have to manually configure it...

Note: I changed the Bluetooth Name on the phone from the default to "LGPHONE1"

When I paired the phone, my PC saw 4 usable services on the phone, so I picked each... "LGPHONE1 OBEX Object Push", "LGPHONE1 Bluetooth Modem", "LGPHONE1 BT DIAG" and "LGPHONE1 Voice gateway"

Prior to using BitPim via Bluetooth the first time, I had to go into "My Bluetooth Places" on the pc... right click on LGPHONE1 BT DIAG and from the pop-up click on CONNECT... the system tray icon will turn green...

Start BitPim and manually configure it... Do this by clicking Settings from the Edit pull down menu. Use the Phone Type Box to select VX8300... Even if you know the "com port" DO NOT manually set it. Instead, click the Browse button to the right of the Com Port. A window will pop-up and scan ports. It will have 3 "sections" listing Available Ports, Ports Not Available, and Inoperable Ports. Select "BLUETOOTH COMMUNICATIONS PORT (COM X)" from the listing of Available Ports and Click OK.

Now, I have 2 listings of BT Com Port... one on com4 the other com5... To tell which one... either try each one at a time in BitPim... OR... right click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray... from the pop-up go to Bluetooth Configuration (or Advanced Configuration)... See what is listed for Bluetooth Serial Port on the Client Applications tab...

I did that... and BitPim worked via Bluetooth for Contacts, Ring Tones, Pictures and the File System tab... (that is all I've tried).

NOTE: It appears that doing the "My Bluetooth Places" right click LGPHONE1 BT DIAG, CONNECT was a one time thing... Since then, I just start BitPim without doing that, and clicked "get phone data" and the Bluetooth connection started (system tray icon went blue/green), and it pulled the data..   With Bitpim still open, the system tray icon stays green, and I can keep working in Bitpim... doing what ever I need... exit Bitpim, and the system tray icon eventually goes back to blue/white..

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