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P2KCommander for Verizon Razr2 V9M

This is a VERY QUICKLY put together of how to install/configure P2KCommander for the Verizon Razr2 V9M... Note: as time permits, I will clean up and try to make easier to follow...

Thanks to KBMAN for help with this write up and screen shots!!

Some Background info first....

For P2KCommander to work.. you need to have MSU running in the back ground... PST does not work to switch the V9M into the proper mode.

Next... Remember that P2KCommander is really written for GSM phones so its not 100% compatible with CDMA phones (like Verizon uses)... certain versions of P2K Commander appear to be more stable/work better for CDMA Motorola phone users but still have problems from time to time as well as give "error messages").   Get the older versions directly from the author at -> http://s5vi.vxxxstuff.com/commander/

NOTE: P2KCommander v4.9.D appears to be more compatible for Verizon Razr2 V9M users.

P2KCommander can NOT access the MicroSD/Transflash card.

Finally... P2KCommander does NOT show EMPTY folders...  So it should not be used to remove SKINs from your Phone.


1.  USB Cable (see the FAQ)
2.  Install the Motorola USB Modem drivers
3.  MSU installed and Running in the background.
4.  P2kCommander v4.9.D... Get from the author at -> http://s5vi.vxxxstuff.com/commander/

The process....

NOTE: While using P2KCommander, do not use any other programs, let the P2KCommander window have "focus" and be the currently active window/program.  Do NOT put it to the background.  Do NOT allow your screen saver to kick in.  Some "helper" programs like messengers (Google Talk, etc.), 3rd party mouse drivers, etc. can cause P2KCommander to FREEZE, so be sure to exit any/all programs you can before using P2KCommander!

With all of the above in mind...unzip P2KCommander you've downloaded to a folder. I've had best luck putting it in a folder off the root of the hard drive and have NO SPACES in the folder name... example... c:\pk2commander is good... but c:\p2k commander or C:\Program Files\P2KCommander  isn't...

UNPLUG the phone from the computer.

Start MSU and leave it running. 

Launch the P2KCommander.exe...

The first time you enter, use the OPTIONS pull down... set the following options... Under Manual Settings, select Use P2K05 Commands. Under P2KTuning, select SAFE(Slow). And under Miscellaneous options, make sure Use P2kAutostart is NOT selected (i.e. it should be unchecked)... it should look like the following screen shot...


The option of Check new release online is your choice.  Many will also un-check this, so they are not prompted about newer versions being available.

Click OK to close that window down. Exit P2KCommander, and restart P2KCommander.

Once P2KCommander is started, Plug your phone in.

Watch the lower left for P2KCommander to state "CMD: Answer packet invalid!" and "Volume name fail!" messages, these are normal when using P2KCommander with CDMA Moto's.

In GUI interface,  the use the "drop down box" to change the one side to P2K MOBILE PHONE... Click the Re-Read button.

You can now navigate the files/folders listed on either side,  right click a file, and use the pop-up menus from there.. 


You may now proceed to Adding Pictures, Videos and Ring Tones with P2KCommander