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Setting the Default location for Pictures and Videos on the Verizon V3M

The V3M formats the Transflash or MicroSD card as FAT.  By default, the V3M stores pictures and video files in the ROOT of the card.   However, due to FAT's limitation of a maximum of 512 entries in the root, you could wind up running out of space for directory entries long before you use up your Free File Space...  the steps outlined below is a work around for this...

(Pre-edited file is located at the bottom of this page)

1.  USB Cable (see the FAQ)
2.  Install the Motorola USB Modem drivers.
3.  BitPim to be installed and working properly.

Summarized nicely by Robert Calhoun... This is directly Quoted (and unedited) from...  -> Post # 4 of I Think I FOUND A Bypass For V3m Tf


The process:

1. Create the directories on the TF card (my_pix, my_flix & my_audio) <--- I imagine these could be named anything you want.
2. Copy the /brew/mod/arcmedia/arcconfig.ini to the harddrive from Bitpim. Save a copy of the file so you have the original as a backup.
3. Open the file in notepad and modify the following 3 lines to read:
Under [Pix Settings]
from Card Folder=fs:/card0 to Card Folder=fs:/card0/my_pix
Under [Flix Settings]
from Card Folder=fs:/card0 to Card Folder=fs:/card0/my_flix
Under [Audio Settings]
from Card Folder=fs:/card0 to Card Folder=fs:/card0/my_audio
NOTE: If you haven't already done the vid duration edit you can do that now as well
Under [Camera Settings]
from VidDuration=15 to VidDuration=240 (This will change your recording time from :15 to 4:55)
4. Save the file.
5. Right click on the file in Bitpim, choose overwrite and point to the modified file.
6. Close Bitpim and disconnect the phone.
7. Restart the phone. (not sure is step was necessary but I always restart after making any hacks to the phone.)

Checked my pic/flix/audio settings to make sure they were pointing to the card. Took a pic, a flix recorded a new audio file and they saved to the new directories on the card. I also moved a pic, a flix, and an audio file that was already stored on the phone and they moved to the new directories as well. Nice find. Now if we could just find this setting for the ringtones so we could put them in /motorola/shared/audio on the TF, we would have it made


Contributed by idono1301.... (directly quoted)...

here is my pre-modified arcconfig.ini file -> arconfig.zip
the list of "mods" are:
-changed pix storage on TF to the my_pix folder,
-changed flix to my_flix folder,
-changed voice recording to my_audio
-activated flash menu in camera (doesn't do anything, just for looks)
-allows mp3's to show up in my music and the vcast player... (doesn't play them though)...


NOTE: To use this pre-modified file, you need to make MY_PIX, MY_FLIX, and MY_AUDIO folders on your TF Card using a PC.