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This page describes the initial install and setup of Qualcomm's QPST software...
QPST is copyright, so its up to you to obtain it.... Don't ask me for links!!


1. Install the Motorola USB Modem drivers.
2. USB Data cable (see the FAQ).
3. QPST v2.7 Build 231 or higher 

NOTE: have NO other software that accesses the phone running while using QPST.
NOTE: QPST does NOT require Motorola's PST, the P2KDrivers, etc...  

Now the process...

To install QPST...

launch the installer EXE...

At the Welcome to the InstallShield Warzard for QPST... Click Next.
The License Agreement is displayed, after reading it... click YES.
At the Customer information screen, enter your name/company.. then click Next.
On the Choose Destination screen, just click Next to accept the default location.
For the Setup Type screen... SURF Product Support Tools should already be selected/highlighted so click Next.
At the Select Program Folder screen... click Next to accept the default start menu group..
on the InstallShield Wizard complete screen, click Finish. (viewing the readme is optional)...

To configure PST...

Exit all other applications on the PC.

Disconnect the phone from the PC. Turn it Off, wait about 10 seconds, turn it on, re-connect it to the PC.

Go Start -> (All) Programs -> QPST -> QPST Configuration.

Click on the PORTS tab.

If your phone is NOT listed... Click the ADD NEW PORT button in the lower right...

Uncheck the "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic ports only" option.

From the list of ports in the box on the left, click the entry that says COMxx - QC/Data modem and click OK.

NOTE: on some phones you may need to select the entry that says COMxx - QC/Diagnostic instead..

you will be brought back to the main QPST Configuration program displaying the "ports tab" this time with your phone listed as SURF 6xxx in the phone column... (it may take a few moments for the phone and baud rate to fill in)

You are now ready to make use of QPST and its features.

NOTE: It is suggested you use the QPST Configuration program, make sure your phone is displayed/available... then use the Start Client pull down
to start the various parts of QPST, like the EFS Explorer, etc.