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MPT Version Info

Please NOTE:  Mobile Phone Tools (aka MPT)  is NOT the same as Verizon's Mobile Office Kit (aka MOK).  For information on the difference, see MPT vs MOK

While available for download on some web sites, MPT is NOT FREEWARE.  Its copyright software.  To obtain a legal copy you must purchase it!

NOTE: There is a copy of MPT v3.40i version floating around on the internet, this is a HACKED/BOGUS VERSION!! It will not work!! AND IT WILL NOT UPDATE!!

What version of MPT do I need for my phone?

When a phone is first released, chances are, the currently shipping verison of Motorola Phone Tools does not yet support it. Below is the MINIMUM version needed to support the different Motorola phones.

NOTE: due to Verizon limits, to use the Multimedia studio features of MPT with your phone, you usually need to HACK your phone. see the main MPT page for more info.

Moto V710/V710m = Mobile Phone Tools v3.11
Moto E815/E815m = Mobile Phone Tools v3.25b
Moto V3C/V3Cm = Motorola Phone Tools v4.04b
Moto V3M/V3Mm = Motorola Phone Tools v4.21a
Moto Krzr K1M/K1Mm = Motorola Phone Tools v4.36c
Moto Maxx Ve = Motorola Phone Tools v4.36c*
Moto Razr2 V9M = Motorola Phone Tools v4.51c

If you are using Windows Vista or Outlook 2007, you need MPT V4.51c or higher.

*Mpt V4.51C removes support for the Maxx Ve and V6C phones. If you have one of these phones, do NOT upgrade to Mpt V4.51C

NOTE: There are V3C/V3M users reporting problems with Contact and Calendar sync in MPT v4.51.  Going back to 4.36 appears to fix this.  (To go from 4.51 back to 4.36c, you need to un-install 4.51, then re-install/update the older version).

Note: with Version 4.. BVRP/Avanquest renamed Mobile Phone Tools to Motorola Phone Tools. As long as you have a legit/legal copy, you should be able to Live Update MPT to get the latest version.

If you feel you have a Legit/Legal copy and require support, visit BVRP's Support Forums at -> http://www.bvrpforums.com/motorola/