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Samsung U620: Setting up Free WAP

Below are the steps I took to setup "Free WAP" on my Samsung U620....

Verizon wireless charges $5 per month to use their WAP service, which makes use of their proxy server, but still charges airtime minutes. The below write up allows you to use your own proxy server, or other proxy server, and not pay Verizon's $5 per mont charges.

Note: Air time charges still apply for use.

1. Proxy server, either free, or your own HoTTProxy server.
2. The following settings to access your proxy server

Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9201
User Name: 8005551212
Password: vzw

Now for the process...

1. On the phone, go Menu -> Settings & Tools.

2. Press #

3. When prompted for User Lock, enter 000000

4. Select 1. Primary Proxy, and change it to your Proxy Address (ip or domain name for your proxy server)

5. Select 2. Secondary Proxy, and change it to your Proxy Address (ip or domain name for your proxy server)

6. Select 3. Port Http, and change it to your Porxy Port. 9201

7. Select 5. User Name, and change it to your User Name for your proxy, 8005551212

8. Select 6. Password, and change it to your Password for your proxy server. vzw

9. Press END on the phone to exit out.

10. Using the phone's menus, assign a short cut to News & Info... On the phone go Menu -> Settings & Tools -> Set Shortcut Key. Change one of them to News & Info.

You're now set to use FREE WAP via the assigned shortcut key.

If you choose News & Info under the Get-It-Now menu, and the phone errors out wtih "Content Error... HTTP:/1.1 500 Can't conenct to mw2.vzwwap.com:80" press OK. Press the right soft menu button to get the Menu, and select 1. VZW Home. you'll be taken to your home page.

NOTE: While using your own proxy server, the Verizon links will not work. This means search, my account, add to favorites, and some other menu's inside the web browser will not work.