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Setting up HoTTProxy

Below are the steps I took to install my own HoTTProxy server at home....

1. Host computer with constant internet connection.
2. Your connection's IP address. Can be obtained from the STATUS Page of your router.
3. HoTTProxy installer  (free download from HoTTProxy.org)
4. Ability/knowlege to configure your hardware firewall/router and port forwarding (if you are using one)
5. Ability/knowlege to configure the software firewall on your computer (if you are using one)

Now for the process itself...

NOTE: HoTTProxy requires an active internet connection. Failure to properly configure any hardware(router) and/or software firewalls you are using will prevent HoTTProxy from working!

1. Download the latest HoTTProxy Win32 Compiled Executable.

2. Create a folder in the ROOT of drive C... example c:\hottproxy and unzip your download into it. NOTE: I've had problems with User Administration when there were SPACES in the folder name to which HoTTProxy was installed.

3. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the c:\hottproxy folder.

4. From the C:\hotttproxy folder, double click HoTTProxy_Admin.exe.

5. Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8085

6. From the Administration Console, click on Configuration

7. Make note of the Proxy Port (usually 9201). If needed, adjust the Default Homepage. (the default home page will be used for any user accounts which do not have a home page specified.) If you make any changes, click the Save Configuration button.

8. Click the link along the bottom for Main Menu.

9. Click on Create User.

10. For user name and password, you can use anything you want, but you'll need to put this in the phone later. So I recomend using your 10digit phone number as the User ID, and VZW for password. Adjust the home page if necessary... EXAMPLE SCREEN SHOT

11. Click the SUBMIT button.

12. You are now done with the Hottproxy Adminstration, so you can close the window down. Use the X in the upper right corner. Windows will as if you want to End Task.. Click End Now.

13. From the C:\hottproxy folder, double click on the HoTTProxy.exe. When it launches, make note of your PublicIPAddr: and ProxyPort. Example Screen Shot NOTE: your software firewall might prompt you asking to allow this application access to the internet. Please answer YES, Always...

14. If you are using a Hardware firewall (or router), setup port forwarding for the ProxyPort to your PrivateIP.

Example screen shots... Finding your ProxyPort and PrivateIP. and My Linksys WRT54G port forwarding.

You now you have the following.... (From the examples above...) which can be used for setting up "Free" WAP on your phone.

Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9201
User Name: 8005551212
Password: vzw


The following thanks to liquidhot

Configuring HoTTProxy as a Pseudo-Service (Optional)
(This is to allow HoTTProxy to run whenever you start your computer.)

1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks, Add Scheduled Task

2. Click Next to begin the Wizard

3. Instead of choosing a program from the list, click Browse

4. Browse to C:\Program Files\HoTTProxy (or wherever you put it) and choose HoTTProxy.exe

5. The next window asks you to type a name for the task. Enter HoTTProxy Below the box for the name are some choices for when to perform the task. Choose "When my computer starts".

6. The next window prompts for the user name and password to run as. For the user name, enter "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" (without the quotes). Leave the password boxes blank.

7. The next window tells you you've successfully created the task and gives you a checkbox option to "Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish". Check that box and click Finish.

8. In the advanced properties, go to the Settings tab and uncheck the "Stop this task if it runs for xx hours" box.

9. Click OK to close the window.

You're all done! If you restart your computer HoTTProxy will run as long as your PC is on and you should have all the free WAP you want!