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Replacing the Main board on the V9M

Originally posted/written by trentgbs in -> swaping main board between two v9m and copied here with permission (see that thread)

As written, this works for replacing the phone's main board.

BUT if you wish to do anything else, you need to be careful due to the use of adhesive which could result in component breakage upon dissassembly. Applying high temperature heat to the adhesive could aid in minimizing that breakage.


So I am posting this in case any one else cracks their V9m screen. I was only able find the housing+keyboard+lcd as a unit. I found it cheaper to buy a donor phone on ebay. I have switched boards between two verizon V9ms and between a verizon and a sprint. Every thing works fine and it is really easy after you figure out how to do it, here are some pics I took with some instructions.

First remove the chin pad with a small flat head screwdriver.

Remove the screws from under the chin pad. Torx T-5.5.

Remove the second two Torx T-5.5 screws.
There are two tabs that need to be unclipped under the circles

This is a close up of what they look like.

Very carefully pry the sides of the case to release the tabs.
If you have something thin and plastic use it, i scratched my case a little bit
with this screwdriver

Next you need to remove the flex cable connectors.
Be very careful they are fragile and the board is worthless if they break.
#2 comes strait up and off.
#1 is a very small flex pcb cable zif socket. I could not figure out if the latched moved up or out and was afraid of breaking it. I was able to wiggle the old flex cable out and the new cable in without unlatching the connector.

After the cables are off the board will fall right out.
Interesting notes:
The Front and inner LCDs are a part of the same module.
Sprint's blueish V9m is much sexier then the plain black verizon.

I just found this while surfing the forums

There is a link to a link for a V9(gsm) service manual.