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NOTE: This information only applies to the Motorola E815 from Verizon.

Firmware files to flash your phone with at home are available by visiting http://www.humpa.com/vzw or http://ryfiles.com/flash   USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

There are various software (aka firmware) versions available for your Verizon E815 phone... (other carriers may vary..)

To check which version you have...  On the phone.... Menu -> Phone Info -> Other Information -> S/W Version.

8720_01.17.03  Initial Verizon release version.  DUN profile is disabled, to enable key in ##DIALUP quickly on your phone.

VCAST_PATCH...  some of the first E815's did not include the icon for VCAST under Get-It-Now.   A patch was release that put that icon on the phone.  This was NOT a firmware upgrade, all it did was add the icon.

8720_01.1E.00 (aka E815 01.1E.0R) current Verizon release version. While there have been NO "official" release notes as to what fixes are included, there are some informal lists and discussions available in the thread -> E815 01.1E.0R (8720_01.1E.00) firmware available... 

Originally Posted by Humpa
With 1.1E.00:
1. Some people that have the text messaging rebooting/resetting problem report that it is better/fixed, some say that it isn't.
2. The image processing is supposedly slightly improved on the cam (a tad more detail in the pics).
3. Some people report problems with Bluetooth - headset disconnecting in a way that requires reboot of the phone to reconnect. Some people do not have this problem.
4. Alarm now functions when you have a missed call or text on the screen..
5. #777 DUN tethering requires a different hack (info can be found on Mark V's "How To" page)
6. Vibrate is significantly stronger
That's about it
There is no official documentation for what was actually changed.

BTW, there is no reported difference if you flash it yourself or have the store do it.

Normally I suggest you take your phone to the Verizon store to have the firmware upgraded. They can upgrade it in under an hour (depending on how busy they are when you arrive).  If they mess it up, they can replace the phone right on the spot.

If you choose to flash your phone on your own at home (see the Link on the HOW TO's page)...  Remember that this voids your warranty... Also, be sure to use PST v7.23 or newer!

Verizon will NOT return/exchange your phone if they can prove you have modified it in anyway!!!