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A few notes about working with RSD CDMA General....

Discuss in -> Getting RSD General working...

for AFTER you get RSD CDMA General 4.9.8 working....

Note: Most people can get RSD installed and have it launch... the failure comes when trying use the READ PHONE button in provisioning to get the settings "files" from the phone.

Note: the presence of IE7 can impact your abilty to get RSD CDMA General working.

When you launch RSD CDMA General 4.9.8.... (maybe true for 5.1.1 and 5.1.4, but I haven't installed those yet)....

It views easiest when running FULL SCREEN (or Maximized) at 1280x1024 or Higher!! running at 1024x768 is a little cramped and because of that, some buttons in the middle may not be seen... (especially true for the provisioning feature)

When your first start RSD, you might see a message in the center box, in blue text that RSD is loading. You might also see "Failed to parse matrix file...." in the lower status window while its detecting your phone... This is "normal".

It will probably show "No Phone Connected" even though it displays your ESN, Technology, Software, etc in the upper right.... This is normal.

The message in RED saying "If you are upgrading your software or doing a swap operation, this phone is not supported. You may however continue using the phone provisioning menu." along with "Please disconnect this phone." This is also NORMAL.

You can really only make use of the Icon along the left for Phone Provisioning. (This is the part that replaces the PST Phone Programmer used during the Monster guides...)

To get to Phone Provisioning... click on the ICON along the left, not the words.... :befuddled

When you are in Phone Provisioning... there is a frame titled Settings... that has check boxes & links for... CDMA Nam, PRL, Browser, ERI, BREW, CDMA1X GPS, EVDO, Feature Settings, Mobile IP, Message File, PTT, RTT Data, Security Grouping, MMS Setting, Phone Book, Date Book. Along with just links for ESN/MEID to MDN Mapping, Multiple Loading and Print PIM.

Put a check in the box of the setting you wish to read from the phone... and click the Read Phone button. RSD should start reading those selected settings from the phone.

To view/edit the setting, click on the link/words.. e.g. you want to create a new web session for your proxy, click on the word BROWSER.

When it is complete, if you use the SAVE File button, or the Write Phone button, it only will save or write that setting being displayed... i.e. if you have NAM, PRL, Brew and Broswer boxes checked, but Browser settings are being displayed in RSD's main frame, then using the Save or Write button, only the Browser settings will be saved/written. You have to save/write one at a time from there.

Once saved individually.... you can use RSD's Multiple Loading option to write back to the phone several individually saved Settings files in one operation.

You can NOT use RSD General's Phone Firmware Upgrade, or Phone Swap feautures.