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Motorola - mFastboot


You might see references to either Motorola Fastboot or mFastboot. This page will explain what it is, and how its different from Fasboot.

Motorola Fastboot, mFastboot, and android SDK fastboot... what's the difference?

When you install the ADB and Platform Tools from the AndroidSDK, you will also get a fastboot.exe. This standard fastboot.exe is compatible with most, if not all, Android devices to flash parts or partitions with. Unfortunately, that standard fastboot is limited on how big of files it can properly flash. In recent android devices, Motorola has surpassed the limits of fastboot, as such they have an "upgraded" or "tweaked" fastboot. 

Having two fastboot.exe files, one that comes with the AndroidSDK install, and one from Moto, can get confusing, and presents a challenge. You can't put the Moto one into your PlatoformTools folder with the AndroidSDK one due to the same name. If you overwrite the AndroidSDK one with the Moto one (keeping the same file name of fastboot.exe) it could be overwritten with a future update of the Android SDK. Because of this, some have renamed the Moto fasboot.exe to mfastboot.exe.

So when you see reference to mfastboot.exe, they are talking about the Moto tweaked version of fastboot.exe that has been renamed so as to not overwrite the one included with AndroidSDK.

Simple, right?? 

It is suggested you place a copy of mFastboot.exe into your Android SDK Platform Tools folder. (often times c:\android-sdk\platform-tools) so that like ADB, its part of your path, and you can run it from any folder on your PC.

mFastboot, fastboot, adb, etc. are command line utilities. It is recommended that you start a command prompt as an administrator when making use of them. If you would just double click on them, they will open/close really quick.

So, where can you get the Moto Fastboot.exe, or mfastboot.exe? 

There are several places you can get Moto's Fastboot.exe.

  1. The Developer Edition recovery images, available directly from Motorola (HERE), have started including Moto Fastboot.exe for Windows, Linux and Mac, along with minimal ADB support for Windows. You'll want to rename the file before copying to your Platform Tools folder.
  2. I have taken the moto fastboot from the 4.4.2 GSM Developer Edition recovery image and made it available here -> mFastboot-442.zip Just download, and unzip it to your Platform Tools folder.
  3. Cell Zealot has made a copy available here -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/kyqjzpjgamrepf1/fastboot.exe  Note: you will want to rename this one before putting in your PlatformTools folder so future updates to the Android SDK doesn't overwrite it.
  4. Another alternate download -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=115