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Manual Activation Process


If you are trying to do a *228 to complete the "over the air programming" it may fail, this is especially true if you are using a MONSTER flash from another wireless carrier.

Below are the steps to manually configure your phone with the values needed to access Verizon Wireless...

After flashing your phone... and using Verizon's My Account web page -> Activate Phone  to assign your phone's ESN number to your account....

on the phone... (go into the service menu)..
For the V3C/V3M/K1M #073887* or for the V710/E815 its MENU 073887*

for security code enter 000000
press OK.
arrow down to User Activation...
press center "ok" button (or what ever its called there in the center of the directional arrows) to select.
NAM1 should be highlighted.
Press the left soft menu button to SELECT it...
for MIN: and MDN: enter your 10 digit phone number (See the note below).
for CDMA SYS ID: enter 8
When you are complete, use the left soft menu key for DONE.
At the User Activation screen, use the right soft menu button for BACK
Arrow down and select EXTENDED NAM.
MIN: and MDN: should already have your 10 digit phone number
CDMA SYS ID: should already have 8
back out of there...
arrow down to System ID...
I entered 2004 (that is what mine was set to prior to reflashing, and my E815 is also set to)

NOTE: there are rare occasions where your MIN and MDN are NOT the same... usually if you PORTED your phone number from another carrier, however, that is not always the reason, as some who have NOT ported have noticed their MIN and MDN not matching.

NOTE: From what I understand, your values for CDMA SYS ID: and SYSTEM ID fields might be different... so if you have a phone with working Verizon service in your area... take a look at it first!!

EXIT the service menu.

The phone will reset.

then go under the main menu -> Settings -> Network

When that is complete, you can power off/on.

If using a Verizon firmware, you should now be able to successfully perform a *228 opt 1, and *228 opt 2.  NOTE: *228 may break the data services when trying to use Alltel firmware on Verizon's network...

When that is complete, if you are using a Non-Verizon firmware on Verizon's network, you need to use PST to load a VERIZON based CDMA ERI file... -> VerizonERIFile.eri.  This is fix the "roaming" indication (flashing triangle.)

You are now ready to perform any required work to make the phone's non-voice features functional on your wireless carrier's network.